How to Install Wall Wallpaper: Neat & Failure-Proof

By | November 20, 2021

Decorate and change the room in the house to be more beautiful and comfortable with wallpaper. Come on, see how to install the following wall wallpapers.

How to Install Wall Wallpapers – Wall wallpapers can be a solution to boredom in wall paint that is already dull. Not only can you change colors, by using wallpaper, but you can also add new nuances to your home with various motifs ranging from flowers, channels, to textures such as piles of bricks.

However, installing wallpaper on walls can be a challenge in itself, especially if you’ve never done this before. If you have chosen the wallpaper that will be used, you can immediately see how to neatly install wall wallpaper.

How to Install a Wallpaper on a Wall

For the walls to look tidy, installing wallpaper must be meticulous and patient. For those of you who are beginners, let’s see how to install the following neat and fail-safe wallpaper!

1. Clean the Wall

You can start installing wallpaper by lowering existing decorations on the walls such as frames or paintings. Don’t forget to remove the nails and patch the holes where the nails were stuck with wall putty so that the surface of the walls is smooth again.

To be able to install wallpaper properly, you have to make sure the walls are in a clean, smooth, and not wet condition. This needs to be done so that there are no air bubbles during installation.

2. Measure the Height and Width of the Wall

The second step you can do is measure the height and width of the wall that will be affixed with wallpaper. You can do this by using a tape measure.

Then, spread the wallpaper and measure it with the size you got earlier. You can mark the measurement results on the wallpaper with a pencil.

3. Draw a straight line

To be able to paste wallpaper neatly, you need to draw a straight line on the wall to use as a benchmark when pasting it later. You can be helped by a tool called the plump bob.

4. Apply the Wallpaper Glue to the Wall

After the measurement is complete, then you can apply the wallpaper glue to the wall. Use a brush to apply glue.

Make sure the brush you choose doesn’t fall off easily. Loose brushes can cause texture when the walls are plastered with wallpaper.

Apply enough glue to the wall. If it’s too little, the wallpaper won’t stick. However, if too much, the wallpaper can shrink.

5. Paste the Wall Wallpaper

After everything is prepared, now the wallpaper is ready to be paired. You can start pairing at the end of the marked line. Add a little glue at the end of the wallpaper to make it even more sticky.

6. Flatten the bubbles

When pasting wallpaper, you may find bubbles in the middle of the wall. Don’t worry, you can still handle this. You can flatten the wallpaper with the help of a plastic wrap tool. The trick, press the kape on the wallpaper that has been installed from the middle to each end.

You can also do this in a circular direction. If you don’t have plastic wrap, there are other options besides using plastic wrap to flatten out the bubbles, namely using a cloth or rag.

7. Cut the Edges of the Wallpaper

If everything is neatly installed, you need to cut the edges of the excess wallpaper. To cut the wallpaper, use a sharp cutter so that the wallpaper is not damaged.

If the wallpaper is too thin or mushy, you can also use scissors. Make sure your scissors are sharp enough, OK!

8. Adjust Patterns and Images

Apart from avoiding bubbles, adjusting the wallpaper pattern is the biggest challenge when gluing wallpaper.

After successfully passing the first roll, you need to be extra careful and careful to continue the next roll. Especially if the motif used has a continuous pattern.

9. Starting from a part that is covered with furniture

On the first try, you may not be very good at it or you may make a few small mistakes. By starting with a wall covered with furniture, you will begin to get used to the part of the wall that is more visible.

Later, you will face complicated parts such as walls with switches or sockets.

Already completed! Now your wall is beautifully decorated with wallpaper. In addition to saving costs for masons, you now have new skills.

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