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Recipe for Octopus Crackers Typical Bengkulu Kaur Simple Special Crispy Original Delicious. This Kaur octopus cracker snack has two flavors, namely original and balado, it is possible to develop into various other flavors, such as spicy, sweet spicy, barbecue, cheese, etc. However, the original taste is more in demand by consumers and is a favorite snack because it tastes delicious and the octopus tastes great.

Photo Recipe for Octopus Crackers Typical Bengkulu Kaur Simple Special Crispy Original Delicious
Bengkulu Kaur Octopus Crackers Pictures

Kaur Regency is a regency located on the coast of the Indian Ocean, Bengkulu Province. So rich with abundant marine products. Call it one of them is an octopus. So far, processed octopus is only consumed by the community itself with various processed foods such as octopus chips or fried octopus flour. Or dried and then peddled along the Bengkulu – Lampung causeway. Well, By Home Industry JPS. These octopuses are processed into unique snacks, which can raise Kaur’s name, which can be used as special foods and also souvenirs from Kaur Regency and have become Bengkulu special souvenirs. This group hopes that the selling price of the octopus will help the community in increasing family income.

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Octopus mixed with wheat flour, tapioca flour, spices, salt, and flavorings, produces a different taste. The right composition makes the taste of the Octopus Crackers savory. A good frying process makes these crackers bloom perfectly so they are crispy and not difficult to chew or not hard (tough). The following is a collection of secrets of various creations and variations of processed recipes for delicious crispy crispy octopus crackers, special delicious dishes complete with how to make your own at home (Homemade) step by step anti-failure that is simple, easy and practical for own consumption or for selling business business ideas. crackers and chips typical of Bengkulu and its surroundings.

octopus cracker recipe


  • 3 kg of fresh octopus
  • 1 kg tapioca flour Quality 1
  • 1 kg wheat flour


  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tbsp salt
  • 1/4 tsp baking soda
  • Adequate flavoring

HOW TO MAKE octopus crackers:

  1. Wash the octopus, then cut it into small pieces then wash it again with ice cubes so that the octopus meat remains fresh.
  2. Grind the octopus to make it smooth, you can use a manual tool or a machine grinder.
  3. Mix the octopus meat mixture that has been cooked to become thick like lunkhead with tapioca flour and wheat flour so it doesn’t stick, then add the spices and spices, then knead until smooth, then form into long round shapes like pempek lenjer.
  4. Steam or boil until it floats a sign that it is cooked. Lift, drain.
  5. Refrigerate for 18 hours, then cut into thin strips of approximately 0.2 cm.
  6. Dry in the sun to dry. So far, it has become raw octopus crackers or raw octopus crackers.
  7. Raw crackers ready to fry.
  8. Serve or packaged using ordinary plastic packaging or plastic standing pouches, then labeled and ready to be marketed. is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you