How To Make Solar Electric Panels

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Solar electric panels are proficient of supplying electrical power for every household appliances and can be quite substantial. They can be made in a modular style; you can first install the basic requirements and progressively adding more panels to it.

The process of learning how to build solar panels isn’t that complicated. All you need is a little guidance on aspects such as:

• How to assess the solar electric panels rating to meet your needs
• Where to purchase the solar cells
• How to interconnect the cells to obtain the desired voltage and current capacity
• How to assemble the solar electric panels
• How to install the solar electric panels

There are many guides accessible to provide more in-depth explanations. These guides cost won’t go for more than $50. They provide step-by-step assembly and installation instructions with pictures and video where required. Find one of these guides, study carefully and now you are equipped to put together your very own home solar power systems.

The installation:

1. Organise the solar cells in rows on the plywood sheet, with the back of the cells on the plywood and in the configuration suggested in the DIY instructional guide.

2. Holes are required to be drilled in the plywood sheet so that the wires connecting the cells can be taken through to the back. Interconnect the cells as per the instructions.

3. Position a backing board on the back of the plywood so that the interconnected wires are held in place and sealed.

4. A sheet of glass must be placed over the top of the solar cells

5. Place a framing piece over this assembly (as would be done in framing a photograph)

6. Seal the edges of the assembly, and your solar power system is ready.

The construction procedure described above is the basic process of assembling your own solar electric panels. You can also improvise more on it in order to make it stronger and durable against all sorts of whether condition.

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