How to Reinstall Windows 10 Completely For Beginners

By | May 23, 2022

How to Reinstall Windows 10 itself is sometimes a last resort when our laptop or computer feels slow, hangs, blue screens, gets a virus or an error that cannot be removed. We’ve tried various ways to return the laptop’s performance to normal again, but most of them don’t work. Now reinstalling Windows 10 can be the best solution that can be applied to restore all settings to the beginning and even remove viruses that are on your laptop.

In the past, reinstalling Windows always used a CD or DVD which contained the Windows operating system files that you wanted to reinstall. But in this advanced era to reinstall we can directly use a flash drive. Simple isn’t it? So, how to reinstall Windows 10? Before we discuss it, we will first discuss the steps you must take before installing Windows 10, including:

1. Backup Important Files To Another Storage

The first thing you can do in how to reinstall Windows 10 is to back up files on your laptop. Usually there are several partitions of each operating system including partitions C and D. Well here you can move important files that are in partition C into partition D. But if you want to reinstall the entire operating system and delete all files on all partitions then you You can backup important files to external storage such as flash drives, external hard drives.

2. Prepare the flash disk

You can prepare a flash drive with a minimum size of 8GB, because the size of Windows 10 ranges from 3.6GB to 4GB.

3. Download Windows 10 and Rufus ISO

After you have prepared the flash drive, then here you can download the ISO from Windows 10 first, the Windows 10 ISO can be downloaded on google search and many provide Windows 10 ISO files. You can also download this Windows 10 ISO file on the official Microsoft page.

Rufus here is an intermediary to make the flash drive bootable so that later our flash drive will become a Windows 10 installer. You can download Rufus at

4. Make Windows 10 Bootable on Flashdisk

When you have prepared the ingredients, then you can first install the Rufus application. Open the Rufus application so it will display the following display:


For the settings, follow the picture above. The description is like this:

  • Device, it is the drive which will be bootable.
  • Boot selection, you can choose the location of the previously downloaded iso by pressing select
  • Image option, to specify the standard windows installation
  • Partition scheme, there are several options there are MBR and also GPT you can use between the two
  • Target system, it is to determine which target will be pointed by the system
  • Volume label, flash label naming
  • File system, specifying type usually NTFS
  • Cluster size, specifying the cluster is usually 4096

After everything is appropriate, just click start and just wait for the bootable process.

5. Enter into Bios

After that, turn off the laptop and don’t forget to plug the flash drive into the USB. Then turn on the laptop again while pressing the f2/f12/del key to enter the BIOS. Usually every laptop is different for the key to enter the BIOS. Each display or BIOS menu is also different from each laptop. After you enter the BIOS, look for the Boot menu then move the flash disk to the first order to be booted. After that you just save and exit so that the computer restarts by itself. Don’t forget to make sure the flash is plugged into the USB so that the BIOS can read the flash drive for the first boot.

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Steps to Reinstall Windows 10

After restarting, we will enter the Windows 10 installation boot on the flash drive. Then we continue how to reinstall Windows 10 as follows:

1. Define Language


Here we can determine what language will be used during the installation or later when the installation is complete, so that it is easier to use the global language, namely English,

Then click next.

2. Click install now to carry out the installation process

How to Reinstall Windows 10

3. Enter the product key

In the activate windows window, enter the product key you have. If you want to buy it now it is available on many online store platforms such as Shopee or Tokopedia. Or if you want to continue with the Windows 10 installation without entering a product key, click “I don’t have a product key”.

activate windows

4. Select the type of operating system windows 10

After that you can choose the type of operating system that will be used. There are home, pro, and also education. After selecting the type of operating system you can press the next button.

windows series

5. License Terms

Then here we read the rules and agreements regarding the use of this Windows product, if you agree, check I accept the license terms and then click next.

install windows 10

6. Select the installation type

Next you select the type of installation, if your previous laptop operating system was Windows 7, you can press select upgrade. If not, select custom install windows.

installation steps

7. Determine the hard disk partition

When you see the screen below, you can first delete the partition by pressing the delete button (make sure all files are backed up, because deleting the partition will delete all the contents of the files in the partition). Then the Unallocated Space disk will appear. To create a partition, click new on Unalocated Space then specify how many MB will be provided for the partition and click apply. Here I only create 1 partition. You can create multiple partitions from Unalocated Space for example 2 partitions (for C and D). After the partition is created then click on the partition that will be used for the Windows 10 file system (eg partition 2), then click next.

partition in windows 10

8. The process of installing windows 10

After that, you just have to wait for the installation process to complete. When it is finished, it will be asked to restart and make sure you pull the flash drive from the computer so that the BIOS does not read the flash drive as the first boot. And we have successfully installed windows.

Windows 10 installation process

9. Welcome page

Then after restarting you will be asked to fill in the name of your laptop and then click next. After that you will be asked to fill in the password to log in to the laptop with your user. If you don’t want to fill in, then just click next.

windows 10 users

10. Privacy Settings

The last stage of how to reinstall Windows 10 is to choose privacy settings. You can select and click accept. After that we will wait a while and here make sure the computer does not die.

loading install windows

11. Done

Finally we have successfully reinstalled Windows 10.

Successfully installed windows 10

That’s an easy tutorial on how to reinstall Windows 10. If you still don’t understand or don’t understand an explanation about how to re-install Windows 10, please leave a message in the comments column. @Redaksi Laptop Review.