How to Set a Laptop Screen to Stay On Longer

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How do I set the laptop screen to always standbay (lit) in the long position? This question may arise when your laptop after a while of use and left paragraph will turn off in just a matter of seconds. For those of you who need a long standby screen time. will be very disturbed by this situation. Now in this discussion, we will briefly review and overcome ways to keep the laptop screen on longer (longer standby time).

This tutorial on how to set the screen is done on Windows 10. For Windows 7 and 8, the method is almost the same as. Maybe it’s just different in appearance. The rest is the same. So, let’s start with setting up the laptop screen standby.

First, go to control panel >> hardware and sound. To make the search easier, at the top right select the view by category (View by : Category). For more details, please check the image below which we give yellow color.

hardware and sound cp windows 10
Hardware and sound on control panel

Next, after entering the Hardware and Sound select again on Power Options >> Change when the computer sleeps. So that the next settings appear to set the old standby screen settings (lit).

power settings control panel
Change when the computer sleeps

Well now we have entered the old settings for the laptop standby (lit). There are three options there, all three have their own functions according to their needs. The functions of each section can be seen in the description below.

Display condition when charging and on battery
Settings when charging and using the battery

Information :

On battery : The position of the laptop when it is in a condition only uses the laptop battery. This means that it is not in a charger (charged) condition. So that the special setting is when the laptop battery is used or installed and is not being charged.

Plugged in: The condition of the laptop when it is connected to the charger (when charging). So basically the situation when the laptop is in the charger. Whether at that time there was a battery or not. So the settings that run when the laptop is charged with power.

Turn of the display : When is the display (screen) off. Here we have two options, namely on battery (when using the battery) and plugged in (when in the charger). We set how long the screen will turn off and stay on in this section. You can change as needed. The default is 5 minutes on battery (when using the battery) and 5 minutes on plugged in (when charging). As you can see in the image above. We have changed the time for the screen to turn off to 15 minutes on battery and 20 minutes plugged in.

So the essence of our discussion this time is on these settings. You can change it as needed, can be replaced 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 1 hour (1 hour), 5 hours (5 hours), etc. As you can see below.

select the time the screen will turn off
Selectable length of time

If you are determined with your choice. Next click (select) save . So now your laptop screen will turn on and off for the time you choose.
[problem solved]


The other two settings, namely Put the computer to sleep and adjust plan brightness, are used to set how long you want the laptop to sleep and to adjust the brightness of your laptop screen.

Put the computer to sleep : set the length of time the computer is in sleep state. You can choose the time it takes the laptop to sleep in two conditions on battery and plugged in as in the turn off the display setting.

Adjust plan brightness: arrange screen brightness. You can use this method when the screen brightness button doesn’t work. The trick is to shift to the right and left. To the right the screen will be brighter, to the left the screen will be darker. In this section you also have two settings namely when on battery (when using the battery) and plugged in (when the laptop is in a charger/charged state).

So that’s an easy way to make the laptop screen last longer. The point is you can set everything according to your needs and desires. That’s the fun of using the Windows operating system. If something is still unclear, please ask in the comments column or contact us via email at GREETINGS WINDOTEN.