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By | June 2, 2022

Assalammualaikum, wr, wb.

Hello boss, how are you long time no greeting, are you healthy?! May you be given abundant health amen. So, in this article, I will discuss tutorials on how to solder properly or correctly or how to solder properly so that the tin can stick and stick.

Since I used to say that I was lacking in tin soldering, to be honest, I had strong currents, not weak currents. It’s really different, weak current and strong current, owww, don’t tell me it’s different or not.. indeed this is the destiny of each difference, both strong current and weak current…. Hehehe.

Obviously different genks.

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Let’s move on to the topic of discussion.

Basic theory

soldering tin
How to solder properly and correctly so that the tin can stick and stick

Meyolder can not be separated from the name tin and oil ( flux solder paste) or hair oil (joking) solder grease I mean. There is a tool called a tin cleaner or a tin vacuum that is used, so that a PCB board is clean from the former disposal of old tin attached to other components or PCB boards and also makes it easier for someone to dispose of the core tin.

In terms of tin soldering What is good and right for a beginner may seem difficult with reason

  1. Tin is hard to stick
  2. Lead falls
  3. Oversized soldering tin when soldering
  4. Solder is not hot enough

Maybe these 3 points are a reason or someone’s reason in terms of soldering is not good. Say still not proficient. That’s why this article might be used as a means of learning about how one can learn how to solder tin properly and correctly so that tin can stick and stick.

So what should I do in how to learn how to properly solder tin or a good tin soldering tutorial.

How to solder the tin properly and correctly so that the tin can stick and stick clearly the first 3 steps are as follows:

  1. Prepare the solder we will use
  2. Prepare solder paste flux
  3. Heat

When the points above have been implemented, we will enter the subject of how to solder properly and correctly so that the tin can stick and stick

I’ll explain a little….

What you have to do in soldering the cable to the PCB board, for example, you have to solder the fiber cable, for example with tin, so that the cable that we solder can stick by heating the cable with the tin that we will solder.

Why does the cable need to be soldered? If the fiber cable is not soldered with tin then the cable on the tin conductor will not stick firmly and will only be soldered to a few parts.

We all know that fiber cables have flexibility and the copper conductor is divided into several conductor sections. For this reason, fiber cables must be soldered to unite the ends of the fiber cables and make it easier for us to solder to the PCB board.

Then the place on the pcb board must also be soldered, for example on the pcb board or the module written Vin and Vout, now this must also be soldered and filled with hot tin. So that the cables and PCB board modules that have been soldered can stick properly and correctly.

Note pay attention to the soldering tin not too much and not too little.

As for some other causes that I myself experienced in soldering tin is not good and correct as follows:

  1. On the tip of a crusty solder
  2. Solder is not hot
  3. The soldering tin falls continuously
  4. Not soldered tin on the two parts to be soldered
  5. Tin is not good

The 4 points above are the cause of our poor soldering.

OK, let’s break it down…..

1. In good and correct soldering we must pay attention to the solder, namely at the hot soldering point (soldering eye) which we will later use in soldering or heating the tin so that the tin can be melted. So, so that the tin can be sticky, look at the tip of your soldering iron, whether there is a black crust, now the black crust attached to the tip of the soldering iron is what causes your soldering tin to not stick.

Solder eyes
Soldering eye (soldering conductor)

You can clean the scale of the solder first with soldering oil or scrape off the scale of the solder.

2. In soldering the tin properly, you can see the solder first, is the solder hot? Well, one of the causes of someone not being able to solder properly and correctly is the lack of hot solder, this causes the tin to not stick to the equipment we are going to solder.

It could be that the tip of the soldering iron (conductor) or soldering element is not as good as it was when you bought a new one. So we can replace it and buy a new spare part. It’s cheap, bro, at most 20 reba get 2.

3. Someone or myself soldering is not good and correct, the cause of the tin that keeps falling continuously is a sign that you need a soldering iron cooler, namely soldering oil and also look at the attached crust.

4. Point 4 I think I have explained above okay, let’s go to the next point.

5. One of the causes of someone not soldering properly and correctly is soldering tin which is of poor quality.

Conclusion / summary

  • Soldering the new lead and the hot solder to the wires we are going to solder
  • Heating the cable (conductor section) with solder for a while so that the tin can stick together when soldering this is done so that the tin can stick.

That’s all… Genks, heheh. Oh yes, I have a video about soldering fiber cables or connecting fiber cables, the link is below and you can click it and then you will be directed to our YouTube channel guys…

Gas link above.

I think this article is enough for this article about How to solder properly and correctly so that the tin can stick and stick.

I thank you very much for stopping by here, sorry if there are any wrong words, I’ll end it. Wassallammualaikum, wr, wb.

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