How to Turn Off Permanent Windows 10 Update Easily

By | May 23, 2022

How to Turn Off Windows 10 Update Permanently. Have you ever felt your laptop suddenly slows down or an error when opening some applications. Even if you use your cellphone as tethering, it causes your quota to run out suddenly. It could be caused by Windows 10 Auto Update.

So before we discuss how to permanently turn off Windows 10 updates, we first know the features in Windows 10 that require you to update the operating system automatically.

Windows 10 Auto Update Features

Windows 10 is the latest Operating System developed by Microsoft. Indeed, in terms of effectiveness, speed and multitasking, Windows 10 is better than the previous generation, namely Windows 8. Even some people who understand IT call it the reincarnation of Windows 7. Yes, Windows 7 as we know it is a reliable operating system. And it’s now moved to Windows 10. A reliable operating system but with a more modern look.

Updating the operating system can cause the performance of the laptop to improve, for example, it is faster and safer. But on the other hand, when we update continuously, it could be the hard drive that is piling up, causing lagging and even having to go down to the original version to fix this. Microsoft seems to often issue updates for their products. Whether it’s a minor or major update. And it’s very annoying when we’re at work. Especially when the download update has been completed and requires us to restart the laptop. It took a long time to install updates after the laptop restarted. And it’s a waste of time that causes our productivity to decrease.

Advantages of turning off updates

When you turn off Windows Update on Windows 10, there are benefits to be had. Here are some of the benefits that can be obtained when you turn off Windows 10 updates permanently:

  1. Reducing Data Storage Capacity

It is undeniable that updating an operating system or software will usually bring new features, so this is usually a problem when your storage is low. And that causes you to run out of storage capacity. Turning off Windows 10 updates permanently is the best option if the features provided are not too important for you to enjoy.

  1. Save Internet Quota

In today’s world, the internet seems to be a must for you as a student or worker. And one way to connect to the internet when you are in the field is to activate tethering from your cellphone to your laptop. And if there is an automatic Windows update, Windows will download the files needed for the update. This is done without your knowledge so you may not realize that your internet quota has run out.

By turning off windows 10 updates, you don’t have to worry about the system downloading files automatically because you have turned off windows updates permanently and this can be one way to save your quota.

How to Turn Off Windows 10 Update Permanently

To overcome this unwanted thing, we can turn off windows 10 updates permanently, how do we do that? Let’s see How to Turn Off Windows 10 Update Permanently following :

  1. Turn off the Internet Connection Connected to the Laptop

Why should the internet connection be turned off? This prevents something bad from happening because we will edit the services and registry of this windows update.

  1. Login to Services

The way to enter the Windows Update services is by pressing the Windows key + R so that a display like the following will appear

Run Windows

Then you type services.msc then enter or click the OK button.


  1. Disable Windows Update in Services

After entering the services window, you can find the name of the Windows Update service.

Regedit Windows Update

Then you can enter the Windows Update service by double-clicking it.

how to turn off windows 10 updates permanently

And it can be seen in the picture above you can change the Startup Type to Disable then the service status is Running, you can press the stop button to stop the service from the windows update, then click Apply then OK.

Here you have succeeded in disabling windows update 10. but it doesn’t stop there. we also have other settings because it could be that windows update is active again at any time. Therefore we have to make sure that we have turned off Windows 10 updates permanently by changing the value through the Registry Editor.

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Make sure Windows 10 Update has been permanently disabled

To open the registry editor, you can do the same as the previous method, which is to open RUN by pressing the Windows key + R then type regedit and enter or click OK.


  • Setting Windows Update Value in Registry Editor

When you are faced with the registry editor window, now you can enter the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Services -> Wuauserv folder

regedit how to turn off windows 10 update permanently

Next you can see the ImagePath, here the previous value is %systemroot%system32svchost.exe -k netsvc -p we will change and edit by double-clicking on ImagePath and change the value to %systemroot%system32svchost0.exe -k netsvcs -p then click OK.

registry editor disable windows updates

After successfully setting the value of ImagePath now we will set DependOnService in the same folder, from before rpcss change to rpcss0.

turn off windows 10 updates permanently

  1. Restart Windows and check again that auto windows update is active or not

And the last stage of how to turn off windows 10 update permanently is to restart your laptop first, then go back to services and look for Windows update, see if the status type has been disabled or not, if it has been disabled then we have succeeded in turning off Windows Update permanently.

Conclusion :

The auto update feature on Windows 10 can really annoy us, especially when we need fast laptop performance at critical hours. And Method Turning Off Windows 10 Update Permanently above hopefully can help your effectiveness and productivity more leverage. By turning off Windows 10 Update Permanently, your internet quota will be able to breathe freely. @Redaksi Laptop Review