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By | June 2, 2022

Assalamualaikum, wr, wb.

Hello, boss, my friend, maintenance workshop technique, today I want to explain about how to use cable pliers (hydraulic skun press pliers), there are some tips and how to use hydraulic skun pliers or how to use pliers for cable skun, for that, see to friends don’t fail to understand, my advice is to read to the end, I’m tired of not reading it to the end…heheh

Gasken then…

Supporting theory

In the picture below is the skun pliers that I use to press the cable skun or this picture is an example of hydraulic skun press pliers complete with a pliers press tool box, which friends want to use the following supporting theory to strengthen the explanation:

Fill the box with hydraulic press pliers

Cable pliers or hydraulic skun press pliers are generally used to press parts of the skun on the bottom side to make it easier for the cables we use to be installed in the MCCB or on the panel where there are screws to strengthen the connection, usually the cable skun has holes.

Cable Skun

Now this hole is used to connect to a power source or to a load.
For example, if we attach the generator cable to the change over switch, we use bolts to be installed in the busbar change over switch to strengthen the installer, and not make the cable move, therefore the function of the cable skun is as a cable connector so that no sparks, thermal heat in the skun due to the lack of strength of this connection between the busbar change over switch and cable skun installed with bolts.

Then to install the cable skun, you need hydraulic skun press pliers which are useful for strengthening the skun’s grip to clamp the core of the cable and cable skun so that the electric current that flows doesn’t have problems, what kind of problem?!

Generally, problems that occur if the cable skun is not too strong will usually cause, fungus on the cable core, heat, scorch, burnt insulation, brittle cable core and so on, in the problem that there are many things we can do to prevent one of them using skun pliers and skun cable cables properly and correctly then how to use hydraulic cable skun press pliers. Here are the steps for using hydraulic skun press pliers or how to use hydraulic skun pliers:

1. The first is equipment preparation (hydraulic skun press pliers)

2. Use the skun press pliers according to the size of the cable skun used, the following is an example of the skun press on the cable skun hydraulic pliers:

Eye press pliers skun

3. After everything is ready, use your hydraulic skun press pliers to press the cable skun, see the picture below:

How to use hydraulic cable skun press pliers.webp
How to use cable skun pliers or hydraulic skun press pliers

The picture above shows the steps in using hydraulic cable press pliers, I explain and I explain for easy understanding:

1. The pump here in the picture on how to use the cable skun press pliers is the part to clamp the skun when all parts are installed to press the cable skun.

Please be ready to be pumped to press your skun.

2. For ON / OFF in the picture above is how to use press pliers when the condition is when you start pressing the cable skun then you are required to turn it to the ON section and when it’s finished then you are required to turn it to OFF because the ON and OF sections on the skun press pliers just like we are doing activities and sleeping, I think you understand until here?!

Please turn it to OFF when you have finished pressing the cable skun

Please ON when it is ready to press the account.

Ok next move on….

3. pull it out here in the picture above is an explanation of how to remove a press pliers skun or replace the hydraulic press pliers usually in the press eye holes of the two press pliers, we just need to insert the skun into the eye holes of the press pliers skun.

Until here understand?!

I think it’s easy to use these cable press pliers, it’s easy but don’t take it lightly, my boss.


Hopefully this article will provide a little enlightenment for friends who want to use hydraulic cable press pliers, hopefully it will be useful

Oh well, if you have suggestions and criticisms, please write in the comments column, I thank you very much.

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