Latest reviews and prices of stone crusher machines

By | April 1, 2021
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Price of the strongest stone crusher machine

On this occasion, I will discuss a machine that functions to break objects with super-strong physics, namely insulting rocks. The machine is called a stone crusher or in Indonesian, it is called a stone crusher. Even though this discussion is a little off the mark from the blog content in general which is supposed to discuss electricity, it’s okay because this discussion is not too off the mark. After all, it is still about Industrial Technology.

The world of rock and mining seems to be inseparable from a machine called the Stone Crusher. The presence of Stone Crusher made it easier for natural stone craftsmen to process the stone.

Stone Crusher is very helpful for craftsmen because when compared to work using human labor, it will certainly take a very long time. The presence of these machines cannot be separated from their work because it can be very profitable and speed up work.

The working principle of the stone crusher | Stone Crusher

stone crusher plant, mini stone crusher, mobile stone crusher, stone crusher price, stone crusher stone crusher machine, jaw crusher, american stone crusher, stone crusher specifications

stone crusher plant, mini stone crusher, mobile stone crusher, stone crusher price, stone crusher stone crusher machine, jaw crusher, american stone crusher, stone crusher specifications

As has been known before, that this machine is a machine that is used to break stones. This machine is operated to squeeze large boulders into preset sizes. As well as separating using a filter or sand sieve screen.

This machine can destroy materials that have a hard texture so that this Stone Crusher machine will make it easier to crush rocks. If you look at the growing era, there will be lots of tools that will be used in Stone Crusher so that the stone breaking process will be even easier and easier.

Stages in Stone Crusher stone processing

The stages of the Stone Crusher work process consist of some parts, namely primary crusher, secondary crusher, and tertiary crusher. After the rocks are taken from nature, the rocks are taken and put into the primary crusher.

The results of the primary crusher are then fed into the secondary crusher. The stages that are processed make the stone smaller, continue to shrink according to the part of the stone crusher. So if the secondary crusher still does not meet the specified specifications, the rock is reprocessed in the tertiary crusher, and so on.

In the primary crusher, the mined rock and whatever comes out in front of the mine will break it into pieces between 6-10 inches.

In the secondary crusher, the rock from the primary crusher will be processed to make the stone size even smaller, which is about 0.25 inches.

Prices and Types of Stone Crusher | stone crusher

For those of you who need price data, let’s continue this discussion. Stone crusher can be divided according to the workings of the tool. In crushing materials, especially stone, Stone Crusher is divided into 3, namely gyratory crusher, jaw crusher, and roll crusher.

The three types of Stone Crusher above are stone breakers that work by applying pressure to the stone.

Jaw Crusher

Jaw crusher works relying on the power of the motor, through the motor wheel of the eccentric shaft driven by a triangular belt. Consists of a jaw plate that moves and a side-lee board. The work of this tool is to move one of the pins, while the other clamp is still. The power generated from this machine is so extraordinary that it can destroy hard rock. Its power can reach 320Mpa

This jaw-breaking tool is used to break processed materials in the form of ore or stone. The material is broken between the two iron or steel jaws. The construction has a pair of jaws, one at rest and the other moving back and forth.

This type of jaw crusher was first introduced by Blake and Dodge. Jaw crusher is one of the most current stone-crushing equipment in the world. Its use is ideal and suitable for the use of pasa during the crushing of the primary and secondary stages.

The price of this type of stone crusher is in the range of USD. 7,000.00, from the size of the machine’s dimensions. of course, the price of this machine will not be certain, because many factors determine.

The advantages of using a jaw crusher are:

  • High efficiency and low operating costs.
  • It the very simple structure so maintenance is easy.
  • Excellent particle finish and crush ratio.
  • Adjustable and flexible capacity.
  • There is a protection in case of overload.

Roll Crusher

Roll crusher works utilizing a rotary roll. The rpm speed is somewhat lower than the Impact Crusher, which is 300 rpm. With more production power, the work of this machine is greatly influenced by the type and quality of the material/material, the rolling wheel to be used, the size of the shart, and the roller wheel.

In general, a roll crusher is used to crush materials with a low level of hardness and ductility such as copper stone, coal, limestone, cement, and others.

This tool cannot stand alone, because it has to get help from other equipment at an earlier stage.

Gyratory crusher

This stone crusher is one of the main types of primary crushing in mines or ore processing plants. These machines are specified in size either by the gape and bounce diameter or by the size of the receiver opening.

This stone crushing process is caused by closing the gap between the mental lines (moving) which is attached to the central vertical shaft and the concave liners (fixed) installed on the mainframe of this stone crusher.

The advantage of this machine is that it can be used to destroy primary or secondary parts.
There are also other types of crushers apart from the 3 above, including:

Impact Crusher

Impact crusher is a type of crusher with a high-speed rotary hit system. Impact crushers are commonly used to crush river stones and mountain stones. Cool.

Cone Crusher

Cone crushers are usually used as part of an advanced secondary machine, namely crushing rocks. So that the rock fragments are relatively homogeneous with a cubical shape

Mineral sizes

This machine works with the use of two rotors with large teeth, on a small diameter shaft, driven at a sharp speed with a direct drive torque system.


A crusher machine is a machine that breaks that work on the principle of a rotary hit at high speed. The way it works is almost the same as the impact crusher.

Hammer roller mill

This stone crusher works almost the same as the mil hammer stone crusher, it’s just that the process is continued with a roll mill. This machine is used to make concentrates from the mineral rock with high hardness.