Le Drunch from Maille at Spitalfields

By | September 23, 2022

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I was invited to try an interesting meal dubbed ‘Le Drunch’ by the mustard brand Maille. Normally I have to turn these invitations down as, although not very far, I’m not in London. Fortunately for this occasion I was in London anyway. Maille had a stand at Spitalfields Market where you could try some of the products they make. I was surprised to find they made béarnaise, tartare and aïoli as I’d only ever seen their Dijon and Wholegrain mustards in the shops. They also had a very tasty truffled mustard on tap which was lovely.

The idea of Le Drunch is to have a meal between lunch and dinner and the dishes are designed to be shared. I love the idea of enjoying a leisurely meal with friends on the south coast of France looking out over the sea. Although not quite as romantic, the chilly drizzle that was in and around London when I went didn’t detract from the occasion.

The first course was Tomato Gazpacho with Wholegrain Chantilly. As a recent convert to the world of cold soups I really enjoyed this; it was fresh and vibrant. The tomato flavour was pronounced with a hint of garlic and I particularly liked the acidity of it. The mustard chantilly that came with it was creamy, full of flavour and with a bit of double dunking the soup, cream and bread were great.
This was followed by Crab Cakes with Sweet Mustard Sauce. Unfortunately I can’t eat crab but my dining partner assured me they were delicious and full of crab meat. I did try the sweet mustard sauce on a bit of bread and really liked it; I could have done with some chips! The shallots added to the mustard sauce lifted it nicely and I would definitely try making it myself.
For the main course we had Slow Cooked Lamb Parmentier and Herb Salad. I have to say that this was one of the tastiest things I have ever eaten. The lamb was soft and sumptuous, the sauce was divine without being too wet and overpowering and the potato was in a world of its own. Apparently it’s half butter to potato but I decided to glaze over that fact as I went for more. I am definitely giving this one a try.
Pudding was Caramelised Apples with Salted Butter, Cider Vinegar and Pepper. We were told that the pudding seemed to be everyone’s favourite course and being a fan of caramelised apples and salted caramel it was sure to please me. I liked it but I couldn’t really taste the salt or pepper, the cider vinegar gave it a pleasant tang and the apples retained a nice crunch. It was good to finish the meal with something light that also satisfied any sweet cravings.
I loved that this meal was designed for sharing; it is an occasion for everyone to get involved and dig in. The best thing about it was that you could pick up the recipes and take them home to try and recreate your own Le Drunch. Something I will definitely be doing.
Le Drunch is a pop up restaurant and will be around until March 24th. Thanks to Maille for the invite. All opinions expressed are my own.

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