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Lenovo Thinkpad X230 Price and Specifications | Laptop Reviews

Thinkpad is one of the laptop series that is quite popular for professionals. Lenovo is indeed targeting business people so that the average laptop has a minimalist design but still has strong performance. One of the Thinkpad laptop series that has many fans is the Lenovo Thinkpad X230.

Because targeting business people, Lenovo Thinkpad laptops have a slightly higher price than laptops in general.

Almost the same as other Thinkpad X series laptops, this laptop also excels body simple and stunning specifications with durability tall one. Here is a more complete discussion:

Lenovo Thinkpad X230 Spesifikasi Specifications

Processor : Intel Core i5-3320M with 3 MB L3 cache (2.6 GHz up to 3.6 GHz, 1600 MHz FSB)
Memory : 4GB DDR3
Operating System : Windows 7 64 bit
Display : 12.5 inches HD LED (1366 x 768 pixels)
Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 4400
Storage : 500GB HDD
Optical Drive :
Keyboard : ThinkPad precision keyboard with optional backlight
Card Reader : SD card reader (SD, SDXC, SDHC, MMC slots)
WebCam : Low light 720p with face tracking
Networking : Bluetooth 4.0
Ethernet RJ45
WiFi Intel centrino advancedN 6205 (2 x 2 AGN 300 Mbps)
Interface : 2 x USB 3.0
1 x USB 2.0
1 x VGA
1 x Mini display port with audio
1 x always on USB 2.0
1 x express card 54mm
fingerprint reader
Audio : Dolby advanced audio 2.0
Battery : 6 cells 3 WH (up to 9 hours)
Power Adapter : Outputs:
20 V 3.25 A, 65 W
Dimensions : 30.1 x 20.65 x 1.91 cm
Weight : 1.34 kg


Price and Specifications for lenovo thinkpad x230

Since its initial release, the Lenovo Thinkpad X230 has been known to be tough for everyday computing professionals. This business laptop has a pretty good processor, namely the 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3320M with clock speed at 2.6 GHz and also 3 MB cache. When turbo boost is active, clock speed from this laptop can reach 3.6 GHz. The sophistication of the processor makes any work run without lag.

Because the market is businessmen and workers, Lenovo did not equip the Thinkpad X230 with a special graphics card. Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics card type card on board help you enjoy various kinds of multimedia content such as videos and photos. A number of games Simple things like FIFA and PES can still run on this laptop.

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Turning to storage, the RAM capacity on the Thinkpad X230 is 4 GB. The RAM can actually be used for activities multitasking several business applications. But if you are not satisfied with 4 GB of RAM, you can do this upgrade up to 16GB capacity. As for external storage, this laptop still uses a 500 GB HDD.

In addition to a capable processor, the battery performance of the Lenovo Thinkpad X230 is also worthy of attention. Lenovo provides this series with a battery with a capacity of 6 cells that can last up to 9 hours of use without charging. This high battery performance allows the Thinkpad X230 to work outside the power range without fear of running out of battery power.

Design and Appearance

Price and Specifications for lenovo thinkpad x230

The Lenovo Thinkpad X230 is a business laptop that is often used outdoors, so it has a minimalist design that makes it easy to carry everywhere. Its weight which is not up to 1.5 kg or to be precise only about 1.3 kg also makes this laptop comfortable for those of you who have high mobility. Don’t forget the size compact with a size of 30.1 x 20.65 x 1.91 cm so it is compact enough to fit into a briefcase.

In terms of appearance, this laptop has a smaller screen than laptops in general, which is 12.5 inches. But the screen is perfect for those of you who often work outdoors.

Although the size is not too big, but Lenovo provides this laptop with a resolution High Definition with a density of 1366 x 768 pixels. With these screen specifications, various business programs and also Office can walk more comfortably.

Price Lenovo Thinkpad X230

The Lenovo Thinkpad X230 is one of the Lenovo business laptop series with qualified specifications and performance. This laptop which was released in 2013 initially had a price of Rp. 15,990,000.

Because the price is quite high, this laptop is not an affordable laptop for all people. Therefore, Lenovo is targeting business people who want a laptop with durability and high specifications but has a minimalist design.

Although at the beginning of its release this laptop was priced quite expensive, but currently you can get the Lenovo Thinkpad X230 at a price of around Rp. 3 million to Rp. 5 million. However, this price is a used price because the new version of the laptop is no longer available. Hopefully the information provided about the Lenovo Thinkpad X230 above can be useful for you. (Laptops Review Editor)