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Classification in Machine Learning : Discussions

Before getting to know about classification, let’s discuss a little about machine learning itself. Machine Learning is a scientific field that studies algorithms and statistical models used by computer systems by relying on patterns. Machine Learning also gives the system the ability to automatically learn and improve from the experience without being explicitly programmed. Machine… Read More »

Decision Tree Machine Learning : Pros and Cons

The decision tree is a classification method that uses a tree structure, where each node represents an attribute and the branch represents the value of the attribute, while the leaves are used to represent the class. The top node of the decision tree is called the root. Breiman et al. (1984) stated that this method… Read More »

Type of Machine Learning

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence that allows systems to adapt human abilities to learn. Without us knowing it, the use of machine learning is often present in everyday life. According to Forbes, machine learning is a current trend that will continue to develop in at least the next ten years. So, so… Read More »

How to Find a DataSet in UCI Machine Learning

How to Find DataSet in UCI Machine Learning STAGE 1: Open the UCI Machine Learning Repository on the link:, Then the display will appear as below: The UCI Machine Learning Repository is a collection of databases, domain theory, and data generators used by the machine learning community for empirical analysis of machine learning algorithms.… Read More »