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Medicinal Plant Paradise in the Heart of Borneo

The journey of dr. Ratih and dr. Andri from Buduk Kubul to Long Bawan in the Doctors Go Wild program on Kompas TV.

ADVENTURE dr. Ratih and dr. Andri in Krayan, North Kalimantan, which is famous for producing Adan rice and a paradise for medicinal plants, from Buduk Kubul village to Wa Yagung, a village surrounded by forests full of traditional medicinal plants.

Herbal Medicine for HIV Patients
For a long time I was silent looking at the man with a skinny body wrapped in skin that was lying in front of me. He is a PLWHA, a person with HIV/AIDS, who has returned to his village in Wa’yagung, Krayan, East Kalimantan for the past year.

He used to work in Malaysia, then after being diagnosed with HIV, he had treatment there, but because he felt his condition was getting worse, he decided to return to his village, partly because he wanted to be close to his family, partly because Wa’yagung, is famous as a medicinal plant paradise.

COMPASS TV ARCHIVES The celebration of the Irau harvest in the Doctors Go Wild program on Kompas TV.

Since returning to Wa’yagung, he has been treated by an expert on traditional medicinal plants, Mr. Daniel. Various potions were given by Mr. Daniel to the patient. According to the patient and his family’s confession, his condition has gradually improved since Mr. Daniel’s treatment began with the ingredients.

The situation now, from a medical point of view, is bad. So it is difficult for me to imagine how he would have been when he came back from Malaysia, if indeed his condition is now considered better by the patient and his family. And of course, my ego as a doctor flicked. How come? In daily practice, it is very difficult to restore the condition of PLWHA when there has been a decline in the general condition of the patient.

KOMPAS TV ARCHIVES A dance on the Irau program in the Doctors Go Wild program on Kompas TV.

Until now, medically available drugs for HIV/AIDS sufferers are limited to slowing the course of this deadly disease, by preventing the virus from entering cells and preventing virus replication.

I spontaneously assumed this was the placebo effect. According to Jeffrey Nevid in his book Abnormal Psychology, the placebo effect is a treatment that has no effect or false treatment that aims to control the effects of expectations. The term placebo is taken from Latin which means “I shall please” (I will be happy) which refers to the fact that belief in the effectiveness of a treatment will be able to generate hope that helps them move themselves to solve problems regardless of what substance they receive. is chemically active or inactive.

COMPASS TV ARCHIVES Antibiotic Plants in North Kalimantan in the Doctors Go Wild program on Kompas TV.

But I soon saw the other side of this treatment. If it is true that this patient’s condition improved after consuming Mr. Daniel’s potions, this is something that deserves further investigation. The potential of medicinal plants in Borneo is indeed extraordinary and it is not impossible to develop them professionally so that they can become patent medicines that are beneficial to the medical world.

The adventures of Dr. Ratih in Doctors Go Wild episode Medicinal Plant Paradise in the Heart of Borneo aired TV CompassMonday (22/9/2014) at 20.00 WIB. (dr. Ratih Citra Sari)

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