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Cirambay Bandung Recipes That Are Going Viral and How to Make It – RecipeIndonesia – Cirambay is one of the foods that is currently viral, especially in West Java. Because of the virality of this food, many netizens are looking for this recipe from Cirambay Bandung. But do you know what Cirambay is? Cirambay is a noodle dish combined with cimol with a chewy posture that makes our… Read More »

Recipe for Spicy Aceh Noodle Soup and How to Make It – – Aceh’s spicy soup noodle recipe is certainly very well known everywhere. The delicious aroma of the spices, combined with the softness of the noodles used, will surely arouse your taste buds. For those of you who like to enjoy this food, here is a recipe that you can try yourself at home. Aceh… Read More »