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Minimum System ATmega 8/16/328 Arduino IDE Based

Hi friends, this time I will post how to use the minimum system ATmega 8/16/328 which was explained in the previous post. You need to remember that the minimum system that we make can be programmed using the Arduino IDE, of course you have to embed the Arduino bootloader first. To find out how to fill the bootloader click Burn Bootloader.
If you already have a minimum system that has a bootloader filled, then you can fill in the program according to the Arduino Uno in the Arduino IDE software, of course. Here I will explain how to use the minimum system on the Arduino IDE.
You prepare the following tools and components:
  1. Arduino IDE software (if you don’t have it, please download the Arduino IDE 1.8.5)
  2. Usbasp (if not available please buy online)
  3. Minimum System Atmega 8/16/328
  4. Connecting cable

Connecting cable

Minimum System ATmega 328P


If you already have the conditions above, in the following steps, you open the Arduino IDE software and wait for it to appear as shown in the following image.

Arduino IDE Display 1.8.5
Then you connect Usbasp to the USB port on your PC/Laptop, friends, if it is connected, the next step is to connect the ISP port on the Usbasp, which is connected to the ISP on the minimum system. Friends can follow the following scheme.

Minimum system display connected with Usbasp

After the ISP pins are connected to each other, the next step is to select the menu on the Arduino IDE software, namely:Files => Examples => 01.Basics => Blink.You can see in the following picture.

Display Examples Program
Blink Program Display

Make sure on the menu Toolspart Bord “Arduino/Genuino Uno” and Programmer “Usbasp”. You can see in the following picture.

Tools menu display

The last step, friends, upload the blink program by pressing the button CTRL+SHIFT+U or by holding the button SHIFT (will appear “Upload Using Programmer”) then click the arrow (=>). Wait a few moments until the writing comes out Done Uploading. It can be seen in the following image.

Display the program upload process
The following is the result of the blink program that is embedded in the minimum system, namely the green LED is on (HIGH) for 1000 ms and off for (1000 ms). You can see in the following picture.
Green LED state display HIGH (1sec)

Green LED condition display LOW (1sec)

May be useful 🙂 is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you