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Monitoring Temperature and Humidity using DHT11

Hi friends, this time I will share my experience in making the minimum system board Atmega 328p which I named DUE UNO V3. DUE UNO is a minimum system board that is equipped with a usbasp program chip and regulator that strongly supports the performance of the due uno board.
DUE UNO also features an ISP connector (6pin), and is equipped with 13 digital output/input pins like the Arduino Uno board and is equipped with 6 analog pins. If you want to order a DUE UNO V3 board, I will provide a link to my shop in the menu section of my blog. Just click shopee or tokopedia, please order.
DUE UNO V3 is the result of an electronic duino team layout designed by layout experts and made similar to Arduino boards on the market today. The DUE UNO V3 board printing process is carried out at a very familiar PCB printing company/service, namely
With relatively cheap PCB printing costs for 10 pcs orders with a PCB dimension limit of 10cmx10cm, calculated for 1 layer / 2 layer. PCBWAY has a paid feature that is very easy for those of us who want to print via paypal, western union, bank transfer, and others. With the convenience provided by PCBWAY, electronic duino has the opportunity to produce a work that can be used for general purposes in the electronics field.
The print quality in PCBWAY is very good and  the type of pcb board used is FR4 which in our opinion the quality of the board is very good. There is nothing missing between the components that we layout with the printouts and there are lots of advantages if we join pcbway for those of you who are interested in entrepreneurship in the electronics sector.
For those of you who want to join, please create an account on the pcbway link by signing in via google email or others, so if you join you are given a coupon of $ 5 for each new account, and we can print the results of other people’s layouts through the project share facility provided by pcbway party.
For those of you who want to buy a due uno board or electronic equipment, please visit our store here.
DHT11 code download link is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you