Nail Shoot Review, Guide to Buying a Firing Nail Machine

By | Maret 22, 2021
Nail Shoot Review, Guide to Buying a Firing Nail Machine

Nail Gun is a powerful tool that is effective enough to drive nails into wood, concrete, MDF, plywood, particles, even kalsiboard.

Nail Shoot Review, Guide to Buying a Firing Nail Machine

Nail Shoot Review, Guide to Buying a Firing Nail Machine

According to the media, there are 2 types of nail-gun bullets in general circulation. That is:

  • The Firing Machine with a roll-shaped bullet magazine.
  • Firing machine with the straight and flat magazine.

Guns with roll magazines are typically used for nailing pallet wood, container, and timber constructions that require large or threaded nails.

Guns with straight and flat magazines are usually used for crown molding, framing, plywood joining, and much more.

Here the most widely circulated and used ones are those that are flat with a gunshot length of 1-5 cm. The price is relatively affordable and has a wider range of functions.

Power Source

Based on the power source, the Nail Machine is driven by several forces including:

  1. Pneumatic nail machine with compressed air thrust. Using a compressor medium for its use.
  2. Electric cable nail machine, using a power source as a medium for launching nails.
  3. Battery Electric Nail Machine (Cordless) is the most modern type of nail gun and continues to experience significant developments. Easy to carry and use and efficient because it does not require long compressor cables and hoses.

Nail Machine Functions

  • Putting together planks of wood quickly is effective and efficient.
  • Install wooden furniture frames.
  • Attaching the crown molding.
  • Make frames quickly.
  • Pasting a wooden list.
  • Installing wooden floors.

The nail machine’s bullet size varies greatly so that it can be adjusted according to the intended use. Usually, the available sizes start from 1 cm – 5 cm for flat-shaped shooting clothes.

While nail machines with threaded nails and nail machine long roll magazines can reach 8 cm. The choice of nails is in the usual form and some are in the form of threaded nails.

Security and safety

Carpentry equipment demands attention to safety, the Nail Gun machine is no exception. Some basic safety information is listed below, but follow the Nail Gun manufacturer’s instructions for use, care, and safety.

  • Check tools and repair or replace damaged parts before use.
  • Never change spare parts if you don’t understand.
  • Wear safety glasses and other safety equipment as specified in the nailer’s manual.
  • Keep your hands, feet, and other body parts away from the firing area. Use clamps when you need to secure the workpiece.
  • Disconnect the appliance from the air compressor or power supply before carrying out maintenance, making adjustments, or attempting to clear jams.
  • Never point the tool at people or animals.
  • Keep other people away when operating the nailer.

Price Nail Machine

The price of the shooting machine has a very varied range. Starting from cheap brands of Chinese products to premium brands from America, Europe, and Japan.