Need to go to a class to invest in stocks?

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It is indeed possible to make money if you follow the ins and outs of stocks. But all of these stock articles are theory of probability. So in general no one can confirm 100% of the shares bought are profitable. It’s just that when we learn, we will know the percentage probability that the stock will go up. If we think 90% will go up then we buy. If we think it’s 50:50, maybe it’s better to find something else.

As far as I know, investing in stocks is always risky. Don’t look at the profit potential first. Calculate how much we are willing to lose first. If we feel that we can be calm with the loss then we can buy the shares. So how to know if we can relax or not, we have to feel it ourselves. Buy real shares and then know what he feels when he sees the red counter. Haha..

But just chill. If there is knowledge, even the central red counter will still be confident that the stock price will rise again. So knowledge is important. If you want to study, you can study with anyone. Stock knowledge is mostly the same and basic. The difference is usually experience and emotional control.

Warren Buffett once said that it is wise for investors to be “fearful when others are greedy, and greedy when others are fearful.”

Look what Warren Buffett said..
So afraid when many people are greedy,
So greedy when many people are afraid.

Wanting to practice what he said is not easy.
When we see other people making a profit, we also want to, but it’s actually too late.

When you see that the stock is falling even though the company is actually good, you are afraid to buy the undervalued stock. Haha.. So until when will I be unable to put Warren Buffet’s words into practice?

Should everyone invest in stocks?

NOT. Invest when there is excess money, which is savings that we know will not be used for daily expenses. So when we use this extra money, our emotional control will be more stable. Loss can still be calm. Because as long as we don’t sell shares, the loss is only on paper. Not really a loss anymore. Just sold it and confirmed the loss.

Do you need to enter the share class that is expensive?

In my opinion, if you don’t have time to become a trader and are in front of the screen all the time (9am-5pm buying and selling stocks), it’s better to join the cheap classes first or listen to the free ones. Learn the basics. Learn to be an investor first.

But if you really have time to trade every day 9am-5pm, maybe you can consider joining the classes that charge a little more.

Each class organizer will set the price according to the value he thinks is appropriate for his class. If we think he overcharges, then look for another class that is more affordable. If you want to criticize, you won’t get anything, because those who have joined the class are just relaxing in the middle of trying to generate income, but those of us who are criticizing are not improving anything for ourselves. Waste of time.

My only advice is to avoid entering classes/groups that like to criticize other classes/groups. Because this will make your life full of negative things if the content you get is more criticism than knowledge.

My performance in stocks?

I don’t actually buy or sell this stock much. Haha.. because I don’t have much time to look at the screen at work. As far as the less than 10 times I have bought and sold shares, I can get a net profit of less than RM500. Haha..but that’s because I bought the IPO that made a lot of profit.

So that’s the story. I just want to share with you. This entry is not to recommend you which class to enter or which stock to buy. Just sharing. During this pandemic, there are families who are having a hard time and only have enough money for the day. So I don’t recommend them to try stocks. May this covid epidemic end quickly and the world will return to normal.

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Has anyone started investing in stocks since the PKP that day? How much profit do you have? Share a little. Huh…