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Nissan Murano is marketed in Indonesia is the type of top-grade, imported directly in the form of CBU (completely builtup) from Japan. Premium SUV Nissan is supported by the capacity of 3.5 liter VQ35DE engine and Xtronic CVTM6 transmission has been updated so as to improve the efficiency of fuel use and make it more bertenaga.Sistem sifnifikan Adaptive Shift Controlnya also supports optimizations while driving, bringing together performance driving comfort beyond common with the use of fuel efficient.

New Merano audio show audio panel 7 inch touch laya convenient. This system combines a powerful entertainment capabilities, including the music box and DVD audio / video playback.Penumpang can also connect to the iPod through a USB interface.
Safety and Eco-friendly technology on the Nissan Murano.

     Bi-xenon headlights
     Highintensity LED rear combination lamps
     ABS (Antilock Braking System)
     VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control)
     Brake LSD (LimitedSlip Differential)
     LowFriction seatbelts in all seating positions
     Three-point ELR rear seatbelts for three passengers
     Highstrength Zone Body construction for high safety
     Impactenergyabsorbing body structure for mitigating pedestrian injuries
     SRS air bag systems for the driver and front passenger
     SRS curtain air bag system
     Active front seat head restraints