No need to pay tax if you have already paid zakat?

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Because it is almost the end of this year, usually Muslims will pay zakat income for the current year or 2018. Why does it have to be the end of this year?
Is it not possible to pay zakat next year?

The answer is… YES
But… there is a reason why people usually pay this zakat in the current year (2018), not at the beginning of next year even though tax filings are usually made at the beginning of next year.

The reason is that tax rebates for zakat payments will only be given according to the zakat receipt payment date in that year. So…

If you pay zakat RM400 in 2018 (for haul 2018),
Therefore, this entire amount can be deducted from the amount of income tax charged.

For example:

Income tax calculation for the year 2018

Amount of income tax charged = RM400
(-Minus) Income zakat payment = RM400
Amount of tax payable = None

*Make sure you make the zakat payment in 2018 and the receipt is dated 2018 to qualify for zakat rebate.

If the zakat payment is only made at the beginning of 2019, then the zakat payment rebate will only be deductible for tax calculation in 2020. So, it will be a loss if you can’t deduct the zakat rebate when you file your tax at the beginning of next year.

That’s why many people will pay zakat on their income at the end of this year so that next year they can enter the amount of zakat as a rebate during tax filing.

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One more thing, don’t forget to save your zakat payment receipt. LHDN will also check this receipt to make sure the correct amount is placed on the zakat rebate. Now you can pay zakat online. So, don’t forget to save all proof of your zakat payment, whether online or directly at the zakat center, so that it’s easy when the LHDN asks for proof of payment.

Here is an example of an online payment record:

Don’t forget to pay zakat guys. Because paying zakat is obligatory on all Muslims. You can go to nearby zakat centers if you don’t know how to calculate zakat income.

So much.

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