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North Maluku is not only marine tourism

Foreign tourists visit Fort Tolucco in Ternate, North Maluku, Tuesday (15/4/2014). The fort built by Francisco Serao in 1540 is also often called Fort Holland or Saint Lucas.

JAKARTA, – North Maluku is known for its marine beauty because it is an archipelago with white sand and clear sea water because it has not been touched by many tourists.

Therefore, at the Kie Raha International Festival which took place for four days at the Main Atrium Senayan City, South Jakarta, North Maluku, they were aggressively selling tour packages to their beautiful sea destinations with the aim of promoting North Maluku as a tourist destination not only among the public. Indonesian people but also in foreign countries.

However, North Maluku has tourism potential besides marine tourism, namely sharia tourism because it is an area that once had the four largest Islamic kingdoms in Eastern Indonesia.

Sasadu on the Sea is shown Saturday (31/5/2014) at 14.00. A total of 350 schoolchildren in Jailolo, West Halmahera, North Maluku, were involved and performed performing arts and dances that were trained by Eko Supriyanto, a dancer and choreographer who graduated from UCLA.

“Not only marine tourism has been introduced but also Muslim-friendly Shariah tourism, such as pilgrimages to the Sultan Mosque of Ternate and many other mosques in North Maluku,” said Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sapta Nirwandar at the opening of the Kie Raha Festival, in Senayan City, Jakarta, Thursday (9/10/14).

On that occasion Sapta also appealed to the public not to be afraid of the name North Maluku. “We have good nature, good resources, but if the person is rude, it will be difficult too, but North Maluku people, in my opinion, are very friendly,” said Sapta.

“There I was not only given food three times but six times,” added Sapta, laughing.

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