Oyila Boutique Review | What’s Inside The Trunk Petti

By | September 23, 2022

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Trunk petti! Most of you from the south must have known what a trunk petti is. We at home have one which has locked up memories that are treasured for years. It is my grandpa’s trunk petti, I’ve never got to see but Mom has told me many stories about how as a young man he served in the military, the hardships he faced and how he came back to work in the fisheries in Ramanadhapuram. She’d explain how bold and composed he was and a lot more which made me admire him so much, mom also said that he does art work so realistically. Every time we open the trunk petti she dusts it off with a sigh and talks to me about every little object inside it. Trunk petti’s are special indeed right? So when Nilanka, the brain behind Oyila an online boutique spoke to me about “inside the box concept” I was surprised how at such a young age she thought of incorporating the idea of the age old trunk petti into fashion. She wanted to send Jessica (my three year old daughter) a customized trunk petti with surprises inside. Me and my kid were equally excited! Gifts, be it small or inexpensive excites us so much don’t you agree? 

So after sharing just a few measurements a couple of days later Nilanka visited us in person and gave us the goodie box, the trunkpetti! Excited Jessica wanted to unbox it immediately! The box looked so elegant and to my surprise the box itself was handmade. Awed! 

Finally Jessica impatiently unboxed it and we found so many handmade goodies along with a pretty pom pom frock in white! Jessica wanted to wear it immediately and man! What perfection! We had sent only a few measurements but the dress fitted her so beautifully and looked so charming. Loved the dress to the core. So here’s the pics of unboxing, since Jess was so enthusiastic I could not grab my camera. Sharing some pictures from the mobile. 

Had to be real quick in clicking as Jess was furiously unpacking

There were other goodies like a photo frame, a behavior chart, handwritten notes and a beautiful hair band matching the dress, all handmade! Handmades are the best there’s a lot of time, effort and love put into the making and I am an ardent fan of such things. Every single part of it would be given so much attention and importance! There were other things like diya (a lamp) and an adorable pencil that Jessi loved playing with. 

Applauds to the young mind for all the effort, the work and the ideas she has put into this concept “trunk petti” and trust me this box is affordable. Such reasonable pricing for so much effort. Kudos and love to such aspiring women!

So, how do you get your trunk petti? Let’s hear it from Nilanka 🙂 

“We will be having a theme for each month and accordingly we will be filling the boxes. Two boxes are available for each age group. One is the premium box and the other is budget box. 

The Premium box will have extra goodies and a grander outfit than the budget box. 

The Budget box will have a simpler outfit (preferably cotton) along with some other goodies for the kid. Boxes can be customized on request also (birthday gifts etc).

Also we customize boxes according to budget also!!

Special discounts will be available every month. If people post unboxing pictures/pictures of their kids using the goodies or anything from the box then they gain points. So they can use the points to avail discounts every month.

About Costing: 

A box can be designed according to the budget and prices are flexible! 

0 to 1 years – budget box 750

Premium box 1200

2 years budget box – 850

Premium 1300

3 and 4 years budget box 1000

Premium box 1800

4and 5 years budget box 1200

Premium box 2000

Other stuffs: 

Birthday boxes can be made. And we are introducing boxes for women also soon with kurtis and stuff 🙂 and we ship anywhere inside Tamil Nadu also. 

Jess flaunting her new pom pom dress <3


  1. Package – 5/5 
  2. Usability – 4/5 
  3. Cost – 5/5 
  4. Quality – 5/5 

Overall Rating – 5/5 

Thank you Nilanka for explaining it to us with loads of details. I am completely satisified with the trunk petti condept and I assure you will be utmost satisfied too! 

To know more and grab your box please check their Facebook page. 

This ain’t a paid article but is an honest feedback and a thank you post for sending Jess a lovely trunk petti as gift 🙂 Thank you again Nilanka! 

And we wish you the best 🙂