Paasipayaru Karupatti Kanji | Green Gram Sweet Porridge | Payaru Karupatti Payasam | Moong Porridge | Green Gram Palm Jaggery Porridge

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How about some lip-smacking healthy food to entice yourself? Healthy and tasty don’t go hand in hand they say! But I’d like to disagree here, its just a perception I’d say. Here’s a recipe that uses two healthy and traditional ingredients and after tasting this dish you will definitely agree that taste, tradition and health all go hand in hand! The two healthy ingredients are, the green gram and palm jaggery. Ask the older generation and they would tell you how awesome palm jaggery is! It is not processed like the sugar we take in everyday and is rich in Calcium, Iron and Minerals! And when talking about green gram it is the best food for women it is so much rich in folic acid and it helps pregnant women in so many ways. The growing fetus in the  mother’s womb needs a lot of folic acid for its brain development especially during the first trimester which green gram can supply sufficiently. Pregnant women and women trying to conceive can take in a lot of green gram along with their regular menu. Green gram does not upset the stomach nor cause flatulence unlike other gram or lentils and hence would not cause you any discomfort after consumption. Apart from folic acid it is also loaded with other vitamins, minerals, iron and protein! It helps in weight control, reduces blood pressure and offers much more! Combining this healthy protein with mineral rich sweetener gives a fantabulously tasting dish! Additionally the dry ginger powder and cardamom powder adds a lot of flavor to the dish. Try this for your breakfast, a cup of this kanji or payasam keeps you full and energetic throughout the day. It can be served to kids also from the age of 2! 

payaru kanjipaasi payaru karupatti kanji


Total Preparation Time – 30 minutes
Makes kanji for 3 people 

  1. Green gram / Paasi payaru – 200 grams 
  2. Palm jaggery / Karuppati – 400 grams 
  3. Dry ginger powder / Chukku podi – 1.5 teaspoons 
  4. Cardamom pods – 4  
paasi payaru karupatti kanji


  • Wash green gram in water and add it into a pressure cooker then add water until it gets immersed well. Cover and pressure cook for 12 minutes or until the gram becomes well cooked. 
  • Then remove from flame and take half of the cooked gram and grind into a coarse paste. Keep the other half as it is. (If there’s excess water after pressure cooking, do not discard, we will need it also) 
  • Now place a pan on flame and add crushed palm jaggery and pour 400 ml of water into it. Let it dissolve well. You do not need any string consistencies. 
  • After it gets dissolved well remove from pan and strain the syrup. Discard the dirt and pour the syrup into a pan and place on flame.
  • Add the ground gram mixture and the cooked gram along with the excess water and stir well. 
  • Add crushed cardamom pods and stir well. 
  • Let the mixture boil well on a low flame until it becomes saucy and thick in consistency. 
  • Add dry ginger powder and stir well. 
  • When the kanji turns thick remove from flame. 
paasi payaru karupatti kanji

TIP 1: You can spread a teaspoon of ghee and sprinkle some grated coconut before serving. 

TIP 2: The same recipe can be prepared with other gram/payaru varieties also. Black eyed peas, soy beans, Rajma etc. 

TIP 3: Grinding the gram makes the kanji taste better and provides thickness to the dish. But you can simply overcook the gram also and add directly in the recipe. 

paasi payaru karupatti kanji