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Explanation and how to open the canvas brake crane hoist damage capacity of 3 tons – Maintenance Workshop

Assalamualikum, wr, wb. Introduction Hello boss, how are you, long time no greeting and shaking hands, sorry don’t shake hands first, you will get covid, keep your distance. hehe. Now, this time, as a writer, I want to give an explanation or personal experience regarding the explanation of the brake or canvas crane hoist damage… Read More »

Explanation and introduction to the shape and type of olympia burner – Maintenance Workshop

Assalammualaikum, wr, wb Hi brother, how are you, greetings, one goal of learning about electricity, now this time I will explain to friends about the types and forms of the olympia burner. I publish this article for friends who may later meet with a tool called the Olympia burner, so that you don’t feel foreign… Read More »

How to install temperature control for heater / heater (SR3 shimaden) – Maintenance Workshop

Assalammualiakum, wr, wb. hello brother how are you? Always be healthy and may you be blessed with good fortune. This time, we will discuss about the temperature controller or temprature controller branded shimaden type SR3. Based on this unit’s temprature control experiment, it’s the simplest I’ve done. Oh yeah, we’ll continue after friends click this… Read More »