Perfect Pongal Begins With A Perfect Kitchen

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Don’t you agree with the title? Yeah I do! Clean atmosphere makes the day more auspicious and even better, the day becomes healthier too. An unclean kitchen could make your family easily fall sick than any other possible way. It is hard to accept this fact but isn’t that true? the place you cook delicious food might seem clean to your sight but there’s much more happening when you aren’t around! Who knew your clean kitchen could have some uninvited guests, Cockroaches, hiding during the day! Hard to believe? But you have to trust me on this, even the best kept homes or kitchens have cockroaches hiding somewhere.

It has always been a very good practice that people clean their houses well before the festive days. But cleaning alone does not make any sense unless you get rid of the pests especially cockroaches that can cause a lot of trouble. Cockroaches!! these little creepy culprits carry germs along with them and cause food poisoning, the worse nightmare of every home maker! They crawl all over your utensils, the fruit basket and food and edible things left open in the kitchen counter. Cockroaches and disease go hand in hand! They scavenge on garbage over spoiled food and thereby carry bacteria on their legs and all over and contaminate your kitchen n a second. 

And if you have kids beware! Because the allergens present in the saliva, feces and body parts of the cockroaches can cause asthma or even rashes in children. 

A few tips like the following can save your day;

  • Keep food and ingredients in a closed container or atleast cover them well. 
  • Discard garbage very often, maintain a good sanitation!
  • Clean all areas very often all nooks and corners,especially sinks.
  • Seal cracks in walls, floors etc. 
  • Use a pest control method or sprays to kill already present cockroaches.

So why not this pongal clean your kitchen perfectly as well as get rid of those creepies too? 

Kitchen is the center of a healthy home so, #saynotofoodpoisoning this pongal! Keep it clean and get rid of those little villains to enjoy a healthier pongal this year! 

And apart from the piece of advice, here are a few recipes that you can try this pongal! 


  1. Saamai Venpongal (Video Recipe)
  2. Sakkarai Pongal
  3. Medu Vadai
  4. Kesari 
  5. Semiya Kesari
  6. Paal Payasam
  7. Paruppu Payasam

Do try these simple recipes and enjoy a perfect pongal! And forget not! A clean kitchen is the perfect way to kick start this pongal season!

Happy Pongal Everyone!