Philips MyCare LED Lights Apply Interlaced Optics Technology

By | Maret 26, 2021

Philips MyCare LED Lights Apply Interlaced Optics Technology. When it comes to lighting and its innovations, Philips is still a market leader that is difficult to match. It is not only product variations that are the concentration of the Philips manufacturers, but also innovations for healthier eye comfort.

Philips MyCare LED Lights Apply Interlaced Optics Technology

Philips MyCare LED Lights Apply Interlaced Optics Technology

Lighting manufacturer Philips launched the Philips MyCare LED bulb product with Interlaced Optics technology that ensures comfortable light for the eyes. The technology has been patented by Philips. Philips MyCare LED is made with inspiration from sunflower seed patterns for that eye comfort as well as energy saving.

Even lighting can improve eye comfort. This is presented by Signify with its latest breakthrough, the Philips MyCare LED bulb with Interlaced Optics technology.

In conjunction with the commemoration of World Sight Day 2018 which is a global annual commemoration for global awareness on blindness and vision reduction, this product is the right campaign for the commemoration. Philips MyCare LED is claimed to be precise for reducing moderate and severe visual impairment (MSVI).

Rina La Distia, an ophthalmologist from the Association of Indonesian Ophthalmologists (Perdami), explained that there are still many who do not realize the importance of maintaining and anticipating that vision is getting worse. Therefore he appreciates the existence of products that can support eye health.

“Our eyes need quality lighting and to maintain eye health, especially for children who are still developing. There are still many adults who see eye care as not a priority, even though now there are many risks that can damage the eyes, starting from gadgets, TVs, to computers and laptops, “he explained.

The Philips MyCare LED lamp is available in white for a cool impression in the daytime and yellow for a warm white feel. The lamp power starts from 4, 6, 8, 10, to 12 watts with prices starting from IDR 20 thousand / piece.

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