Prawn Fried Rice

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Cooked rice 2 cups…sizzling hot or just cooked rice wont do..cook it before and cool it.Ideally leftover rice in the fridge will do great..

Cleaned Prawns ,frozen or fresh – 1 cup

1 or 2 eggs lightly beaten

vegetables of your choice- ideally 2 spring onions,fist full of bean sprouts, 3 tbsp grated carrot, 3tbsp green beans thinly sliced

soy sauce-3 tbsp
salt to taste
Oil 3 tbsp
Pepper a little
red chili powder or green chili paste
a little bit of ajinamoto (optional )
ginger garlic paste -1/4 tbsp


take a non-stick pan drop half tbsp of oil and pour beaten eggs.sprinkle little salt and pepper and cook it stirring with a spatula.when done remove it to a bowl.

In the same pan add 1 tbsp oil and drop only white part of chopped spring onion,fry for a while and add all the vegetables (except bean sprouts )and let it cook. adjust salt and pepper. If require add little water.vegetables need not be too soft after cooking.crunchy kind of cooking is ok.Now remove the vegetables to the same bowl.

Now in the same pan add little oil ,ginger garlic paste and prawns.cook prawns as per your taste like too soft,medium soft or crunchy in what ever way you like it.add water if required.Add chili powder or green chili paste,salt and stir.
Finally add all the vegetables and stir again ,add the greens of spring onion and bean sprouts.Now add the rice and mix.Adjust the salt.stir fry for 2 more minutes so that the rice is heated through.shift it to a serving bowl .