Quickie Used Car Review – Toyota Alphard (2010-2015)

By | Maret 19, 2023

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2010-2015 Toyota Alphard

The Good: Top levels of comfort and luxury in a practical package

The Bad: Strained 2.4 engine for such size

The Say: The Lexus of all minivans.

Go For: 3.5 V6
Avoid: 2.4

Price Range: P1,850,000-P2,600,000
Our Rating: ****

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Vehicle Overview
Positioned as the higher end model in Toyota’s van line-up, the Alphard was a response to the success of the Nissan Elgrand, another van aimed at the upper class. Although the Philippine market had its exposure of the first generation model through grey imports from Japan, it was officially sold by Toyota in August 2010 due to requests from its customers who had seen this van in certain Asian countries.

Philippine market Alphards get two engine (both are gasoline, by the way) options: a 2.4 which was first made available and that struggles at weight and a 3.5 V6 that best suits the vehicle’s mass. With its narrow body but tall headroom, this is one van that is easy to drive while giving its occupants more room to breathe in. The driver has a higher seating position coupled with large windows while the passengers get comfortable seats similar to an airplane but the ride can get choppy at certain situations.

Seven people are welcome inside the vehicle, since the middle row are captains chairs clad in leather with ottoman and foot rest which reminds you of business class flights. First two rows can adjust their seats using power controls while those at the back have to use manual adjustment. While interior quality is top notch, some parts from low end Toyotas are evident.

What Should I Get
Regardless of engine, all Alphards get the following amenities: seven airbags, ABS brakes, stability control, fog lamps, clearance and back sonar, headlamp washer, sun roof, power seats for first and second row, leather seats, cruise control, mood lighting, power sliding doors, Nano-E technology in its air conditioning, DVD player, and engine immobilizer. The main difference lies on the forward gears on its automatic transmission, the 2.4 has four while the 3.5 gets six plus the top end model gains a navigation system.

Our pick is the 3.5 V6, despite the fuel economy penalty but then, with this car aimed at the high end crowd, we suppose you have the resources to refuel this vehicle.

How Much Would It Cost Me
Since this is a high end van filled with electronic gadgets, do take a look if these work such as the sliding doors whose mechanism may fail and the seats that may malfunction. For any van, have a peek on the brakes and the sliding doors. Do not expect maintenance levels similar to a Hyundai Grand Starex since a V6 gasoline resides under the hood.