Realme X2 Pro Review: The Real Flagship Threat

By | Maret 20, 2021
Best Smartphone android in the world Realme X2 Pro

Armed with famous chipsets, powerful cameras, to sophisticated screens. Check out a review of the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the Realme X2 Pro specifications!

Smartphones are now increasingly easy to reach, and many cellphone makers are competing to provide the best technology at affordable prices. These results make Realme present its newest cellphone, namely Realme X2 Pro.

Best Smartphone android in the world Realme X2 Pro

Best Smartphone android in the world Realme X2 Pro

Realme X2 itself is one of the newest mobile phones with the best technology in the photography sector. You can use a 2,160-pixel camera with a 64 MP resolution, as well as a complete lens.

Uses the best GPU and the most up-to-date chipset for the price. What are the advantages and disadvantages offered by this one product?

The advantages of Realme X2 Pro

Best Smartphone in the world Realme X2 Pro

Best Smartphone in the world Realme X2 Pro

1. Advanced Screen Technology

Not only the classy innards specifications, but the Realme X2 Pro also brings advanced display technology typical of today’s flagship.

Namely, the Super AMOLED display panel, brightness up to 1,000 nits, HDR10 + feature until the refresh rate reaches 90 Hz! This screen is protected by Corning’s Gorilla Glass 5.

2. Premium Design, Economical Price

The sophisticated display technology is complemented by an ‘expensive’ design armed with an aluminum frame, as well as a glass coating on the front and back.

The color choices provided are Lunar White, Neptune Blue, Red Master Edition, and Gray Master Edition. Make it look stunning.

Interestingly, the price of the Realme X2 Pro when it was first launched globally, the official price only starts from IDR 5 million! Very tantalizing, right?

3. Slick Gaming Specifications

Gaming specifications are taken into consideration, especially for those of you who are maniacs about playing games. The specifications offered are sufficient to support various existing graphics capabilities, such as PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile.

Imagine, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ (7 nm) chipset with a speed of up to 2.96 GHz, which one is the most sophisticated and the fastest at this time, which application cannot be smoothly triumphant?

4. RAM up to 12 GB

Realme offers the X2 Pro with several storage and RAM variants. At its highest, this phone is supported by 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of internal memory! He is one of the few smartphones that has that much RAM.

Also, there are 6 GB and 64 GB storage variants, as well as 8 GB and 128 GB which are of course cheaper.

5. Complete and Reliable Camera

Not only focusing on the screen sector and the kitchen runway. Realme also immerses complete camera technology on the X2 Pro.

The sensors embedded in it are the 64 MP main lens (f / 1.8, PDAF), 13 MP telephoto lens (52 mm), 8 MP ultrawide lens, and finally a 2 MP camera with a depth sensor.

With these specifications, on paper, this cellphone should be very reliable for mobile photography purposes.

6. Powerful 50 Watt Fast Charging!

For resources, Realme is unmitigated. The X2 Pro is equipped with a fairly large battery for a flagship cellphone, which is 4,000 mAh. But that’s not enough.

Realme provides SuperVOOC Flash Charge fast battery charging technology with 50 W power! Realme claims, this technology can fully charge the battery 100 percent in 35 minutes!

7. The presence of the NFC sensor

NFC has again become the prima donna, given Indonesia’s culture which has shifted to the era of digital wallets. Application development regarding this sensor is also very widely reported.

One of the future functions that you can get from the NFC sensor is the process of top-up balances on digital cards. Of course, this one sensor embedded in the Realme X2 deserves appreciation.

8. Audio system as a complement

Tough specifications, sophisticated screen, complete camera, and durable battery with fast charging. What else is missing? The audio sector complements what Realme X2 Pro has in pampering its users.

With the support of Dolby Atmos stereo speakers supported by two dedicated amplifiers, the multimedia experience with this phone will be fun.

9. No Waterproof Feature?

Technically, Realme does not provide certainty about the water and dust resistance features of the X2 Pro. It seems quite unfortunate if this is not available on cell phones that are included in the superior segment.

10. Without Edge Screen

When talking about the shortcomings of the Realme X2 Pro, it’s hard to call it. Because the advantages are far more numerous and interesting to discuss.

But, if you mention the segment where this smartphone is located. The aesthetic factor could deserve attention. This is what can be said to be imperfect from the X2 Pro.

Curved screens seem to have become mandatory for today’s premium smartphones. Starting from Samsung, Huawei, and even Xiaomi have applied this screen design to the lineup superior