Repair OPPO Device only at OPPO Service Center

By | May 23, 2022 – OPPO has tried to provide the best protection for its devices, as previously done in the A96 bundling program with OPPO Care.

However, OPPO is also aware that many users of older devices should also be given the opportunity to enjoy the same protection.

For that reason, OPPO held a Phone Protection Plan, which is a discounted price for replacement parts or spare parts that lasts until December 31, 2022.

“The Phone Protection Plan aims to provide benefits and conveniences to OPPO consumers, especially for devices that are damaged on several types of old smartphone devices so that they look like they are new and have the same performance as when they were purchased for the first time.

This activity also aims to educate consumers to make repairs only at the official OPPO Service Center repair center,” said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO Indonesia.

Through the Phone Protection Plan, OPPO also seeks to educate consumers to repair damaged devices only through authorized repair centers such as the OPPO Service Center.

This was done considering the high number of devices that entered through the OPPO Service Center which had previously been repaired at an unofficial repair center.

On average, these devices experience problems because repairs do not use genuine spare parts and unprofessional handling of repairs.

In order to provide education and at the same time attract consumers to make repairs at authorized service centers, OPPO held a Phone Protection Plan that will provide various benefits and discounts to consumers.

The Phone Protection Plan will provide a special discount of up to 30% in the form of replacing certain spare parts such as screens, batteries, back covers to the mainboard for certain types of smartphone devices.

For more information on spare parts and types of devices included in the Phone Protection Plan, consumers can visit the following link:

OPPO guarantees that the spare parts used are original with quality assurance and also a guarantee. To replace spare parts, OPPO also waives repair service fees.

Of course, this repair is carried out by certified OPPO professional technicians.