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October 2015 Digest menyajikan berbagai jenis resep makanan. Smoke, Spice and Spirits in Austin Austin, Texas is a pretty hot place. Even in October, the temperatures rise to the mid-90s (seriously). Nonetheless, it’s a pretty cool place too. Chris and I enjoyed a wonderful long weekend in Texas’ capital city, one of America’s fastest-growing big cities, seeing… Read More »

Deconstructed Sweet Potato Casserole menyajikan berbagai jenis resep makanan. “Deconstruction” is a cooking term to describe a dish where ingredients that are normally combined are instead prepared separately, providing a better showcase for their distinctive flavors and textures. I see the term applied to desserts often, but it can done for other dishes too. For years, I experimented… Read More »

Thanksgiving 2015 menyajikan berbagai jenis resep makanan. The countdown to Thanksgiving begins today: 24 days until America’s glorious most food-centric holiday. For the avid home cook, Thanksgiving presents unique challenges: more guests, more dishes, unusual combinations, pleasing those who love tradition, enticing those who want something new. My collection of this year’s new Thanksgiving recipes has… Read More »

Marbella-Brined Roast Turkey Breast menyajikan berbagai jenis resep makanan. Because I write a cooking blog, instead of an entertainment blog, I don’t often get to share with you my love of movies–a notable exception being my annual Oscar Cocktails. This recipe was inspired by the movie Scent of a Woman, the 1992 drama starring Al Pacino and Chris… Read More »

Sweet Potatoes with Mole and Queso Fresco menyajikan berbagai jenis resep makanan. Yes, there are three chiles in this recipe, but they are relatively mild, making this a wonderfully spicy but not hot Mexican-inspired side for Thanksgiving. Yet another example of how sweet potatoes work wonderfully in a savory preparation. The mole sauce can be made in advance and stored in… Read More »

Restaurant: Momofuku CCDC (Washington, D.C.) menyajikan berbagai jenis resep makanan. The arrival of Momofuku CCDC and its accompanying bakery, Milk Bar, has been the most hotly anticipated restaurant opening in D.C. this year. Once it became known that famed New York restauranteur David Chang was moving into downtown’s boutique-laced CityCenterDC development, the watch began for when he would open.… Read More »

Indian-Spiced Nan Bread Stuffing menyajikan berbagai jenis resep makanan. Last week, when I shared the Indian-inspired Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Pecans and Honey-Curry Yogurt recipe, I talked about using Indian spices as a way to inject new and surprising flavors into the Thanksgiving menu. That’s also the idea behind this dish, a fairly straightforward bread stuffing (or dressing,… Read More »