Review: Honest Box

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I like the word ‘Snackorium’ and it’s one that the guys from Honest Foods have coined to describe the goodies that are sent to you in one of their boxes. Priced at £9.99, a box of British snacky bits are sent through your letterbox each month. As letterboxes go mine is actually quite small and I was so pleased that the box fitted neatly through; no hassle of having to pick it up from anywhere it was waiting for me when I got home. Who would have thought I can give sensible practical advice?

The box I was sent contained: Sweet and Salt Popcorn, Simply Golden Berries, Chilli and Lime Cashews, Peanuts and Roasted Corn, Scottish Shortbread, Piece (sic) and Love Chocolate, Morning Kick Tea and a Flaxseed bar.
I was surprised at how many things fit inside the box; more and more things kept appearing. I have so far tried the popcorn (I love sweet and salt together so really liked this), the chocolate (one with salt and caramel and one with dried sour cherries, both really nice) and the Scottish shortbread (I would say the best ‘ready-made’ shortbread I’ve ever had). I can’t wait to try the rest of it.

I know the idea is to have a nice range of nibbly bits in the house to dip in and out of when you’re a bit peckish but I would happily eat it all in a few days. I’m too curious. I really like the voice behind the brand, the quirky packaging and the fact it is all British. It’s a great way to discover new British brands and foods and must be a great way for those brands to reach a huge demographic of customers. I absolutely loved this, the idea behind it and that when you open it it’s like unearthing treasure.
Thank you to Honest Foods for sending me the box. All opinions expressed are my own.