Review of Samsung Galaxy A50: Sophisticated and Reliable Photography

By | Maret 19, 2021
Review of Samsung Galaxy A50 Best Smartphone

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Equipped with three main cameras, fast and power-efficient chipset, to fingerprint behind the screen. What is lacking from the Samsung Galaxy A50?

Surely you are familiar with this smartphone. Yup! That’s right, the Samsung Galaxy A50. Surely you will be surprised by the existence of three cameras at the same time that is attached to it so that other advantages make it look superior.

There are some advanced features offered by this typical Samsung Infinity U sail phone. Starting from the fingerprint sensor technology under the screen, powerful and power-efficient chipsets, to large-capacity batteries with fast charging.

Not only about specifications and features, but the price also makes it more attractive to gadget lovers. However, are there any shortcomings behind it all? To find out, see the review of the advantages and disadvantages of the Samsung Galaxy A50.

The advantages of the Samsung Galaxy A50

1. Fingerprint Behind the Scenes

With a screen that is large enough, the Samsung Galaxy A50 certainly has a fingerprint, so with one touch, you can access your smartphone. With the biometric system, you can quickly and not repeatedly open the lock.

The presence of in-display fingerprint technology makes the Galaxy A50 one of the few Samsung cellphones that use this latest generation of fingerprint sensors.

2. Equipped with Three Main Cameras

Review of Samsung Galaxy A50 Best Smartphone

Review of Samsung Galaxy A50 Best Smartphone

The main feature that stands out the most of the Samsung Galaxy A50 is the triple camera with different functions, such as a 25-megapixel main camera (MP), an 8 MP camera with an ultra-wide lens, and a 5 MP camera with a depth sensor. The front camera is supported by a 25 MP resolution.

Besides, the rear camera is ultra-wide 8 MP, and bokeh is 5 MP. So that the resulting image is sharper and wider.

3. Big Battery and Supports Fast Charging

With a battery that has a large capacity and can last up to 12 hours on 3G and 4G networks and 15 hours via Wi-Fi, you don’t need to be afraid to do activities with your smartphone anymore.

Besides, this smartphone is equipped with 15W fast charging and USB Type-C. So you can charge your cellphone in a faster time frame.

4. No ‘Slow’ aka Old Loading

Review of Samsung Galaxy A50 Best Smartphone Photography

Review of Samsung Galaxy A50 Best Smartphone Photography

The processor used is the Exynos 9610 Octa-core, with speeds reaching 2.3 GHz, 4 gigabytes of RAM, 64 or 128 GB of RAM. For those of you PUBG and Mobile Legend lovers, you will feel a fresh breeze, because you will not lag at all when playing the game.

To note, this chipset itself is built with 10 nm fabrication, aka the latest and most advanced fabrication technology. With this, the processor will be more power-efficient but still powerful.

5. RAM and Storage Qualified

The Samsung Galaxy A50 is equipped with 4 GB RAM and 64 GB ROM with support for external memory up to 512 GB. There is also a higher version with 6GB RAM support and 128GB internal storage.

The Galaxy A50 is one of the affordable mid-range phones with this large storage option. So that its use will of course be longer.

6. Elegant and Comfortable Design

The Samsung Galaxy A50 has a size that fits in your hand. And, it is not slippery when held because the rear body is not made of glass. So that you will be comfortable using it for a long time.

Not only that, but the design also looks elegant thanks to the thin frame appearance and the typical Samsung Infinity U model. Makes it look like a high-end phone.

7. Attractive Prices in its Class

Fingerprint sensor under the screen, three main cameras, high-end chipset to a large battery. Not making the Galaxy A50 expensive by Samsung. Unlike usual, this South Korean manufacturer provides such high specifications for a cellphone that costs Rp. 3 million.

So, this price is arguably very reasonable for him. It is considered cheap if you look at other class phones.

8. Plastic body

As mentioned above, the Galaxy A50 comes with a plastic body. Indeed, this makes it feel like a cheap cellphone when held. However, the purpose of using this material is of course to be able to reduce the price.

9. Without NFC

Seeing its classy advantages, there are little things that are missed on this smartphone. Namely the absence of near field communication (NFC) connectivity. This feature is not considered too important by everyone. However, it helps to make payments digitally easier.

10. Not Waterproof

The Samsung Galaxy A Series is usually equipped with water and dust resistance features. However, this resistance is not provided on the Galaxy A50. The reason is of course the same, namely so that the price does not soar, considering that the specifications provided are notoriously bad.