Review The 3 Best VGA HDMI Cable Converter

By | November 5, 2021

1. FOINNEX VGA-HMUA1 – Best overall

FOINNEX-VGA-HMUA1Length: 180 cm

FOINNEX VGA-HMUUA1 is in our opinion the best VGA HDMI cable of 2021. It allows you to connect all your peripherals, from PCs to TVs, even older ones thanks to the built-in VGA adapter. So you can enjoy all your multimedia contents on a Full HD screen!

Very easy to use and to connect, you don’t need anything else, neither additional cables nor adapters. The cable has not only a video input, but also an audio output where you can insert your jacks or connect your favorite speakers in order to greatly limit the number of cables to use.

Not only can it therefore be used with all your electrical devices with HDMI VGA input, but thanks to the presence of the USB cable you can also connect it to all devices that do not have a natural predisposition to HD. All you have to do is connect the USB converter to the HDMI VGA cable and automatically the signal will be transmitted wherever you want.

A very important element of this cable is the perfect audio and video synchronization it offers you. In fact, you will not notice any delay between the movement of the image and the production of the sound of the scene you are watching. FOINNEX is in fact suitable for any occasion, from home theater, to multimedia teaching, through music reproduction and ending with video games.

The length is also not to be underestimated, as it is 1.8 meters. This means that you can easily connect any device without having to make any particular movements or operations, and it is also perfect for all those who need to connect a projector from the top of the ceiling!

  • Best VGA HDMI converter of today
  • Allows you to connect old devices to new TVs and screens
  • The cable has a built-in audio output
  • It also works via USB socket
  • Perfect audio and video synchronization
  • Suitable for any occasion, from home cinema to teaching
  • High length
  • Also perfect for connecting projectors

2. ICZI 01-RT – Super versatile

ICZI-01-RTLength: 32 cm

ICZI 01-RT is one of the best VGA HDMI converters available on the market today based on the versatility it offers you. It is perfect for all those looking for a converter that allows it to be used not only with TVs and PCs but also with all displays, monitors and consoles in circulation.

Not just video, but audio too! The interface of this adapter works in such a way that you can get not only video transmission but also audio output thanks to USB with just one cable. That’s not all, thanks to the USB it recharges automatically while being used by sources connected to a power outlet.

The performance that this connector offers you is exceptional. In fact, it guarantees perfect audio and video support with a maximum resolution of 1920 x 1200p, which allows you to obtain excellent graphics. ICZI is super compatible with all types of screens, projectors and electronic devices that support USB and HDMI VGA technology.

If you are wondering now what it is like to use the adapter, we can only answer you with two words: simple and intuitive. The connector is equipped with the plug-and-play system, so you just need to insert it into the peripherals from which you want to transmit the images and you will immediately notice that it works immediately without any problem.

One of the absolute strengths beyond versatility is the compact and small size that the converter has. You can take it wherever you want, in the office, at work or at your friends’ house to watch a good movie together directly on the big screen at home rather than on your desktop!

  • One of the best versatile HDMI VGA cables of 2021
  • Perfect to be used with any display, pc and console
  • It also transmits audio
  • Automatically recharges via USB
  • Outstanding converter performance with excellent graphics rendering
  • Extremely easy to use thanks to plug-and-play
  • Small and compact size
  • Ideal for work and entertainment

3. Lemorele – Perfect for old-fashioned computers

LemoreleLength: 180 cm

Lemorele is the model you absolutely must choose if you are looking for the best VGA HDMI adapter to connect your old computer to your TV to watch all the videos and multimedia contents you want. Let’s look at the other features of this cable together.

First of all, let’s start with the measures that are perfectly balanced. The cable is neither too long nor too short so you can say goodbye to both connection difficulties and dangling cables around the house. This converter has everything you need in one system to quickly stream everything you want to your home TV.

Lemorele offers you a maximum resolution of 1080p in Full HD and at the same time allows you, without having to connect other converters, to obtain audio support in perfect synchronization with the video one. You will not need to connect any external device as it will automatically pick up the audio thanks to the 3.5 mm jack it has and incorporate it into the HDMI.

One thing you will notice right away is the quality and durability of this adapter. It comes built with sturdy materials and is gold plated. In this way not only will you not have to buy a cable a month, but the plate it possesses makes the transmission of the signal better and more stable than traditional models on the market despite the very low price.

Complemented by a USB interface for total versatility, you will recommend this product to all your friends. That’s not all! The customer support that the company offers you is available 24 hours a day to answer your questions, and you also have a full 1 year warranty.

  • Best HDMI VGA cable for old computers and devices
  • Perfectly balanced measurements
  • Unique system with video and audio
  • Maximum resolution of 1080p Full HD
  • Strong and robust converter
  • Gold plated for better signal stability
  • Low price
  • 24 hour customer support and 1 year warranty

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