Review The Best HDMI Splitter – Buying Guide

By | November 5, 2021

1. FeinTech VSP01201 – Best overall

Number of doors: 2FeinTech VSP01201

The best HDMI splitter to buy today in 2020 is FeinTech VSP01201. This cable is the most reliable and fastest in splitting the HDMI ports of any of your technological devices. One of the reasons why it is so used is also that it is very easy and very practical to use.

Split a single HDMI source into two separate displays for easier viewing of your content wherever you want. For example, you can distribute the signal from your computer to two projectors at the same time, so as to carry images and multimedia contents wherever you want in the room.

The EDID control that this HDMI splitter offers you, allows you to use devices with different capabilities and compatibility of images and sounds. For example, you can simultaneously split HD and Full HD images while keeping the quality intact. The same also applies to audio, so you won’t have any problem if some files have an mp3 extension and others, for example, wav.

The HDMI splitter supports 2.0 max technology, which guarantees you very high performance, with crazy speeds in total stability. It manages to go up to 18 Gpbs, so you will not notice any delay in transmission between the various screens. The amplification of the signal with the highest quality is such up to 10 meters away from the source.

Finally, it supports different types of sources such as DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby True HD, Dolby Digital Plus and much more. This hub unit perfectly combines high performance, compatibility and versatility. Transferring the signal between different sources will be a real breeze from now on, thanks to FeinTech!

  • Best HDMI Splitter of 2021
  • Very easy and practical to use, also suitable for the less experienced
  • EDID control to use devices with different capabilities and audio and video compatibility
  • Keeps the quality of images and sounds intact
  • 2.0 max technology for speeds up to 18 Gbps
  • Maximum signal amplification up to 10 meters away from the source
  • It supports many types of sources, especially Dolby
  • Perfect combination of compatibility, performance and versatilit

2. ESYNiC 4K – Best value for money

Number of doors: 2ESYNiC 4K

ESYNiC 4K is according to the opinions of our experts one of the best HDMI splitters today based on the value for money it offers you. The distributor reliably and accurately transforms the signal from a single input to two outputs. Let’s see together what are its main strengths.

We can start by telling you that this HDMI splitter cable is suitable for both computers and DVD players, as well as for consoles. Based on our research, it is a model also widely used by professional gamers who need to have a dual monitor for their games. This is already a guarantee of the perfect functioning of this hub.

This splitter perfectly supports Ultra HD 4K resolution, and unlike many other models on the market, it allows you to split 3D images as well. The amplification in any case is very stable, so you will not notice any signal loss and the visualization of the images will always be of stellar quality. There will be no difference in graphic rendering with the source.

To use the splitter all you have to do is connect the HDMI cable of the source to the displays on which you want to reproduce everything, and connect the power socket. The installation is in fact very fast and really suitable for everyone. ESYNiC 4K is compatible with all types of TVs, computers and consoles that you can find on the market today.

Another strong point of the splitter is undoubtedly the quality of the materials with which it is produced. Made entirely of aluminum alloy, it has a beautiful design and at the same time is ultra-resistant to shocks, scratches and signs of wear. You can carry it with you without any fear.

  • One of the HDMI splitters with the best value for money
  • Signal transformation reliably and accurately
  • Suitable for any type of device, from computers to consoles
  • Also used by professional gamers for the stability it offers
  • It supports Ultra HD 4K and even 3D
  • No difference in graphic rendering with the source
  • Very easy to connect and install
  • Construction materials resistant to scratches and wear


3. Techole HS306 – Top for long distance transmission

Number of doors: 2Techole HS306

If you are looking for the HDMI splitter that allows you the best long distance transmission, you have come to the right place. Techole based on its incredible capabilities, allows you to transport and transmit data quickly and efficiently up to 32 meters away.

Let’s start from the main feature of this splitter, that is the signal transmission distance it offers you. Techole allows you to split the high bandwidth signal, thus remaining very stable, up to 32 meters between the source and the output. By doing this, you can duplicate the screen in different rooms without the need for any extension.

High resolution is always guaranteed and respected, so as to always obtain the best visual experience in all circumstances. Both audio and video will be perfectly synchronized with the source, even on both output devices. You can forget the mouths that move empty and the sounds that are hard to arrive!

The Plug and Play system offers you maximum ease of operation. Just connect the HDMI devices and the USB cable and everything will be operational. In addition, this HDMI splitter features broad compatibility. It can be used on computer, Playstation, Xbox, but also with Chromecast, Apple TV and all similar accessories.

The compact size and low weight of the splitter also guarantee excellent portability, making it perfect for trade shows, concerts and university lectures. Finally, for any problem, you can contact the excellent customer support, ready to solve any problem in a millisecond.

  • Among the best HDMI splitters for long distance transmission in 2020
  • Flawlessly carries data up to 32 meters away
  • It allows the duplication of images even in distant rooms
  • High resolution always guaranteed
  • Perfectly synchronized audio and video
  • Plug and Play operating system
  • Wide compatibility also with Chromecast, Apple TV and similar
  • Perfect weight and size for portability


4. Techole OMFLZ-HS301-BK – Super versatile with 3 ports

Number of doors: 3Techole OMFLZ-HS301-BK

If duplication on 2 screens is not enough for you, you just have to choose Techole OMFLZ-HS3019-BK! Based on the opinions of our team, it is the best and most versatile splitter with as many as 3 ports. You no longer have to plug and unplug the HDMI cable from one output to the other, so no more hassle!

The 3 HDMI Switch ports that the splitter has, allow you to easily switch both sounds and videos from 1 single source to 3 outputs! If you are a university professor and you need to connect your computer to the various projectors in the classroom, there is no story. With a single device you can satisfy all students and carry out the lesson in the best way.

Unlike many other HDMI splitters on the market, it also has a very practical infrared remote control and a manual switch. You can thus comfortably control everything remotely, and the Auto-Switch function automatically detects the devices to which it is connected, so as not to have to constantly change the transmission channel.

Like all the most valid products of today, it obviously supports the highest resolutions such as 4K and also 3D, and is perfectly compatible with every type of source on the market. You will not notice any delay or distortion of the video transmission, the signal is in fact very stable and perfectly in line between source and output.

To top it off, this splitter is complemented by an exceptionally strong yet lightweight aluminum design. The aluminum structure allows you to have no overheating problems and to keep it safe from accidents. Put it in your backpack and forget about it!

  • Most versatile HDMI splitter of all with 3 ports
  • Perfect for university professors and conference rooms
  • It has an infrared remote control for remote control
  • Manual switch for shutdown
  • Auto-Switch function that automatically detects devices
  • It supports high resolutions and 3D
  • No delay between source and outputs
  • Aluminum design against overheating and impact resistant


5. Techole OMFLZ-HS305-BK – Best budget HDMI splitter

Number of doors: 2Techole OMFLZ-HS305-BK

Techole OMFLZ-HS305-BK is ideal for all those who want to split images from one source to multiple outputs without having to spend a fortune. We are more than sure, it is the best budget HDMI splitter around and it offers you performance equal to the higher-end models.

The transmission it offers you is fast and stable in any situation. The splitter provides you with bandwidth speeds of up to 3.4 Gbps up to 5 meters away. The quality of the images will be such that you will not notice any delay or loss of data when switching from one screen to another. Easily connect your computer to TV and enjoy your favorite TV series directly from Netflix!

Even if your source doesn’t support very high definitions like 4K but your TV does, no problem! The images will adapt perfectly to the output, so you will also get an improvement in both audio and video quality. You can hardly find an HDMI splitter today that presents this possibility.

Another important feature of the Techole HDMI splitter is the total absence of external power. In combination with the Plug and Play system, simply press the start button for signal exchange. You will then find on the back the presence of LED light indicators that show you which connection is in use from time to time.

In line with the most popular HDMI splitters on the market, are also the construction materials. Being in aluminum alloy, the solidity is high. No brittle plastics and constantly cracking cables, the Techole OMFLZ-HS305-BK is a truly unique and long-lasting purchase.

  • Today’s best cheap HDMI splitter
  • It offers performance equal to the more expensive models
  • Bandwidth speeds up to 3.4 Gbps up to 5 meters away
  • It adapts to the definition of the output screens
  • No external power supply
  • LEDs on the back showing active connections
  • High quality construction materials

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