Review The best hot glue and silicone guns on the market

By | November 1, 2021

The silicone gun and hot glue gun have become common tools in toolboxes. The former is ideal for professionals, while the latter is increasingly used by DIY enthusiasts for their projects. Both are now present in almost all homes. However, someone thinks they can use them indiscriminately and in this guide we will see why it is not possible.

Silicone guns are used to accurately lay the silicone. They are usually used for waterproofing work, for example in bathrooms. They are also used to seal windows so that wind or cold doesn’t get in. Hot glue guns, on the other hand, are used to glue wood and various materials. If you want to know more, keep reading this guide.

  • In some foreign countries the hot glue gun is called a silicone gun. In reality, the two differ in that silicone is not a glue material, while hot glue obviously yes. The former is mainly used in plumbing and repair work, while the latter is more of a DIY tool.
  • Silicone guns are used exclusively with silicone cartridges and differ mainly in their length and in the way in which the silicone can be applied. The hot glue gun is smaller and is used with glue sticks
  • Unlike hot glue guns, silicone guns do not need any heating, they are ready to use.

The best hot glue and silicone guns on the market: our selection

Below, we present a list of the best hot glue and silicone guns on the market. Each has its own characteristics, so be careful not to make mistakes when buying. We hope that in our choice there is also the product that best suits your needs, which also matches your budget.

  • Topelek Hot glue gun
  • Wolfcraft 4355000 Silicone Gun
  • Bosch Pkp 18-E Hot glue gun
  • TROTEC PGGS 10-230V
  • Wolfcraft 4356000-1 MG 600 PRO – Silicone gun

Topelek Hot glue gun

The Topelek hot glue gun heats up in 3/5 minutes, has a built-in fuse that prevents overheating and has 20W of power. It has a power button with LED and reaches a melting temperature of 80 ℃. Included are 50 transparent glue sticks. It is 14.5 cm long so it can be held in one hand without problems.

The reviews are very positive, but they are keen to point out that it is a small hot glue gun, so not suitable for all craft projects. Those who bought it thinking it was older were disappointed. Those who made a conscious purchase were highly satisfied.

Wolfcraft 4355000 Silicone Gun

This silicone gun is compatible with most 310ml cartridges. It has a practical spout with drip function, which therefore avoids waste of material. It weighs 526 grams and the dimensions are 14.8 x 35.5 x 12 cm. It has an ergonomic handle and the frameless structure allows a very quick silicone change.

The opinions of experts in the sector are also positive, both for the quality of the vice and for the sweetness and precision in the dispensing of the silicone. It is robust, reliable and has an exceptional value for money. Some users are keen to specify that it only works with metal-bottomed cartridges.

Bosch Pkp 18-E Hot glue gun

A 200W hot glue gun that works with sticks up to 11mm in diameter. The glue advancement system is automatic and has a protective coating against overheating. It quickly reaches the melting temperature which is 200 ° C. It has a drip lock and an extra long nozzle to reach hard-to-reach places.

‘This gun does its duty,’ the reviews say. The materials are robust and it is defined precise, comfortable and dirty little. It glues almost everything perfectly and is recommended not only for DIY, but also for more important jobs.


The TROTEC PGGS 10-230V is a glue gun that makes practicality its best value, adapting to both beginners and professionals. With an energy absorption of 25 W it takes about 5 minutes to heat up, but once ready it can be used for almost half an hour without a cable, which is removable; the cable, 2 meters long, can also be connected to the support base, which in turn will heat the gun again.

Buyers express a very positive opinion about the product, appreciating the ease of use and the completeness of the set, which also includes 3 interchangeable tips and 6 11 mm glue sticks.

Wolfcraft 4356000-1 MG 600 PRO – Silicone gun

Ergonomic and made of high quality reinforced plastic and fiberglass, this silicone gun is particularly handy. It has a pushing force of 250 kg, so it is easier to put the silicone on than other models. Its dimensions are 40 x 19.5 x 7.5 cm and it is suitable for all 310 ml cartridges. The spout is non-drip.

According to reviews it is one of the few guns that allows you to use resin or cement cartridges without too much effort. Some say that it is sturdy and easy to handle, capable of generating considerable pressure on the silicone tube without great effort.

Shopping Guide: Everything you need to know about the two types of pistols

Silicone guns are indispensable for a variety of reasons. Silicone is a type of material that would be complicated to apply without this seemingly so simple tool. The hot glue gun, on the other hand, is used to quickly glue certain materials that would otherwise take longer. Before buying either, you should know how they work. Below we explain what you need to know before choosing one of these two guns.

What is a silicone gun? What about a hot glue gun?

Silicone guns are very useful tools for sealing joints in materials such as ceramic, stone or marble. In construction they are used in plumbing works and repairs and also to seal windows once they are in place.

Both guns, by means of a trigger, exert pressure on a silicone cartridge or a glue stick. The hot glue gun needs to heat the stick so that you can push the glue out. Both silicone and hot glue are pushed towards a nozzle. At that point you can apply the material accurately.

What are the main uses of the two guns?

The main use of silicone guns is in construction. They are normally used to seal the joints of bathtubs, washbasins and other parts of the bathroom. This prevents water from escaping or passing through. They are also used to fill tile joints and seal the parts of the modular kitchen between the hob and sink.

Hot glue guns, on the other hand, are those used in DIY and hobby projects.

Both are very useful because they allow you to do precision work.


Why can’t they be considered the same?

The silicone gun is manual pressure. It has a metal frame, in which the silicone fits. Thanks to a trigger, the material is pushed and passes through the nozzle which allows precise application. Its effect is insulating, but not gluing.

The hot glue guns as mentioned above are used for crafts and DIY. They are much smaller, they are usually made of plastic and work with a small resistance that heats the glue. The glue useful for this type of gun is sold in cylindrical sticks that when heated can be pushed through a trigger towards the nozzle. They are very light and precise.


Silicone gun Hot glue gun
Operation They work with acrylic or acetic silicone cartridges. They have a trigger that pushes the silicone They work with glue sticks. They have a resistance that heats the glue
Weight They are large and made of mostly metal, not manageable for everyone They are light and easy to handle
Dimensions Tey are larger to hold the silicone cartridges They are the size of a hand and the cartridges are small
Price They are cheap There are all prices
Functions Fill and seal seams on ceramic, wood and stone They quickly glue wood, cardboard, fabrics, felt

Why should I buy these two types of pistols?

Silicone guns are used for many jobs around the house and for minor repairs, but they are also used for professional jobs. Both the gun and the silicone are inexpensive and useful. The hot gun is used for DIY and hobby activities, but also for small repairs where something needs to be glued quickly. Here is a list of advantages and disadvantages common to the two guns:
  • Versatile
  • Ideal for various repair and even DIY jobs
  • Economical
  • Simple to use
  • They can be dangerous
  • They get dirty easily

How does the hot glue gun work?

The hot glue gun is plugged in and heats up rather quickly (about a couple of minutes or more, depending on the model). The resistance reaches about 150-180 degrees and in this way the glue stick can be melted and by pressing the trigger pushed through towards the nozzle from which it then comes out.

Its use is very simple and intuitive, but you have to be careful because it is very easy to burn both with hot glue and with the gun, which burns in several places and must not be handled without the necessary precautions.

Glue sticks can be of different lengths and colors. Some hot guns only work with sticks of a certain diameter, while others can work with different sizes and are therefore suitable for multiple uses.

What safety measures should I follow to avoid accidents with the hot glue gun?

As mentioned, using this type of gun is simple, but there are risks involved. It’s pretty easy to burn yourself with glue, so you have to follow some rules to limit the dangers. Here are some of our tips in this regard:

    • When the gun is hot you must avoid touching metal surfaces.
    • When it is on and just off, never hold the gun horizontally, but on the special support that keeps it vertical. If you put it down, the glue will pour and dry on the work surface.
    • If the gun does not have an auto shut-off device, you must be careful that it does not overheat. If this happens it could create a short circuit.
    • You must not rest the metal tip of the gun on flammable materials.
    • Be careful of the glue threads when you work , they are the ones that are usually underestimated, but as soon as they come out of the gun they are very hot and can cause burns.

What can I glue with hot glue?

Thanks to the hot glue gun, you will be able to glue many materials, such as cardboard, various types of fabrics, leather, ceramic, plastic, wood and much more. It is a versatile tool that once purchased can be used for a thousand uses. You will surely have seen some tutorials to even create mobile phone covers with this type of tool.

How do you use a silicone gun instead?

Silicone guns are very simple to use. Just place the silicone cartridge inside the metal frame and pull the trigger. Here are the steps for use:

    • First of all unscrew or remove the nozzle of the cartridge and use a cutter to open it. Be careful not to get hurt in this step.
    • Reinsert and close the spout, also opened with a cutter with a hole of the size you need. We advise you not to overdo it with the opening of the spout, if it is too big, more silicone will come out and the work you are going to do may not be as precise as you would like.
    • Then insert the silicone cartridge into the gun. Guns usually have a lever that you can push and a piston that you can pull back to get the cartridge in. However, follow the instructions you find on the gun you purchased.
    • Start squeezing the trigger to release the silicone. From the spout you can see the silicone that slowly comes out. Bring it to the limit and then approach the area to be siliconed and start working.
    • The silicone is kept inside the cartridge without any care. In fact, it solidifies only in contact with air.


Is silicone all the same?

It is common to think that all silicone cartridges are the same, but in reality this is not the case. Acrylic silicone is odorless and, once hardened, can be painted over. It is less suitable where there are stagnant water and on smooth surfaces, while it is recommended for porous surfaces such as wood, concrete and to close cracks or cracks.

Acetic silicone, on the other hand, is more elastic, has a pungent odor and cannot be repainted even when it has hardened. It cannot be used in wet conditions, but is suitable for sealing areas that will later come into contact with water.

Purchase criteria

Below we will analyze a number of features that one or the other gun you want to buy must have. These are the important factors, thanks to which it will be easier for you to make a good purchase. You definitely don’t want to regret your choice after a few months. If you want to choose the best hot glue gun on the market or the one for silicone follow these criteria:

  • Brand
  • Design
  • Opinions
  • Temperature
  • What use you will make of it
  • Operation


You can choose to buy a handgun from a recognized brand or any brand. Unfortunately, the quality and strength of the tool, especially for hot guns, are often directly related to the brand and also to its price. We advise you, as far as possible, to choose a pistol from a reputable brand, as you will have more assistance.

Generally recognized brands offer high quality tools, tested by professionals. They use the best materials, work with dimensions and weights appropriate to the activities. Cheaper guns are generally made of weaker materials, so they break more easily and can cause accidents.


Design is an important factor to consider. From the pictures, both silicone and hot guns can all look the same. The truth is, there are a lot more differences than you think. You should always choose a model that is comfortable to use and hold.

You also need to make sure that inserting the silicone cartridge or glue stick is simple and smooth.


Whatever purchase you have to make, knowing the opinions of those who have bought the same product before you can be of great help. On the internet we have the advantage of being able to find reviews, opinions and comments on practically everything. Carefully evaluate all the comments on the type of gun you would like to buy and try to understand if it has defects that you have not considered.

Don’t stop at the first two or three opinions, but try to make an objective average and draw your own conclusions. Often the reviews found on Amazon are so thorough that they also give you technical data and features that the manufacturer itself does not provide.

Hot gun temperature

As we have already said, the hot gun reaches very high temperatures. This is good, because a low powered gun may not get you glued as you would like. Make sure you buy a model of a certain power and, if possible, that it heats up in less than 3/4 minutes.

Hot gun ignition button

Also for this model of pistol, you have to consider the importance of an on / off button. In fact, some hot guns start to heat up only by connecting them to the electrical socket and this can be dangerous. Better to opt for models with an LED light that signals the ignition and, if possible, that have the automatic shutdown in case of overheating.

What use you will make of it

Silicone guns are used in repair or construction work. The cartridges they use are made of acetic silicone or acrylic. These guns are larger and ideal for sealing plumbing systems, cracks, tile joints, etc …

Hot guns are used in DIY projects, costume jewelry, and crafts. They are smaller, more precise and allow you to work on small materials. They are also ideal for making “designs or models” with glue. These guns use glue sticks of various sizes and colors.

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