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By | November 1, 2021

Whether you are a professional or a do-it-yourself lover, tool trolleys are an indispensable mobile element. Thanks to these, manual work can also continue outside one’s own laboratory or workshop. In fact, a tool trolley can turn into a real mobile laboratory.

Equipment installation work and home repairs are the most common uses of this tool, which is also to be considered as a tool. In fact, it is the tool of the tools! In addition to these uses and DIY, tool trolleys have other utilities that you may never have thought of.

  1. Choose a tool trolley that has dimensions suitable for your business.
  2. The exterior must be resistant and equipped with compartments to keep frequently used tools close at hand without having to open the trolley.
  3. The interior must have an effective organization system, which is also suited to your needs.
  4. Tool trolleys serve several purposes. For example, for costume jewelery work and peddling of small items.

The best tool trolleys on the market: our selection

Writing “tool trolley” on the search engine, it is immediately clear that the Stanley brand is the leader in the sector. In the following ranking we have included three models of this brand, leaving room for other products that show good ratings on Amazon. This is our list of the best tool trolleys this year.

  1. The best-selling tool trolley
  2. The most complete tool trolley
  3. The best tool trolley for professional use
  4. The best 2 in 1 tool trolley
  5. The smaller tool trolley

The best-selling tool trolley

This Stanley brand model has the ability to carry up to 20 kilograms of material. Its 18 cm wheels are of the size that guarantees easy maneuverability. With slots for padlock closure, it is the typical mobile trolley model, perfect for repairs or installations at home. The case is kept in an upright position.

The good number of positive reviews is accompanied by satisfied comments because of its excellent value for money, but above all for the convenience that comes with its use: users like the possibility of carrying around many tools saving time and effort thanks to the wheels. Buttonhole closures are judged to be efficient and interesting.

The most complete tool trolley

TRESKO® Tool case consisting of 949 pieces | toolbox | tool holder | tool set | tool trolley | chrome-vanadium steel

A basic equipment trolley that includes 949 beginner tools, ideal for DIY and small jobs. It is made of aluminum, therefore light, has a removable telescopic handle and two small wheels that simplify transport. The dimensions are 51.0 x 36.5 x 20.5 cm.

There are also many positive reviews for this product. Users appreciate its convenience, as it allows them to carry their tools everywhere, and the wheels placed under the trolley that facilitate maneuverability and movement. The value for money is also praised, even if the tools are a bit fragile and therefore not suitable for professionals

The best tool trolley for professional use

Beta C41H High Professional Tool Trolley with 160 mm Wheels, 2 Extractable Modules: 1 Upper Tool Basket and 1 Tool Case with Two Drawers Height 95 mm, Yellow

Beta offers a tool trolley with 2 stackable and separable modules on a sheet metal structure and plastic shelves. This combination leads to an excellent combination at a low weight. The large diameter sound wheels and help transport even on steps. The handle is telescopic in aluminum and is equipped with a centralized lock.

This is a professional product which does NOT include tools. The structure is solid and guarantees excellent portability. Unparalleled quality according to those who review it. The only drawback is that it tends to scratch itself over time.

The best 2 in 1 tool trolley

STANLEY 1-93-968 '2 in 1' tool trolley, 47 x 29.7 x 62 cm

Belonging to energy class A, this model produced by Stanley is made of polypropylene and features a modular system consisting of an upper box, a central compartment for small parts and a fixed base. The closing hinges are made of metal. Finally, the handle and wheels facilitate movement. The product can hold up to 40 kg of tools.

Reviews for this article are very positive. Users greatly appreciate the convenience of the trolley and the 40 kg capacity, both for hobbies and for professional environments. The aesthetics of the product is also praised, as it is pleasant. Furthermore, the quality-price ratio is judged as “excellent”. Also good shipping and packaging care.

The smaller tool trolley

Stanley STST1-80150 Tool Tank with Wheels, 50 L

Made by Stanley, this toolbox model features a pair of seven-inch diameter rubber-coated wheels. In the lid there is a small organizer for small parts. The V-grooves in the lid are for pipe and board cutting. Its load capacity is 40 kilograms, the handle is in metal and the handle in synthetic material.

Many positive reviews for this product. Users particularly appreciate the practicality and manageability deriving from the handle. Furthermore, the capacity makes the article very comfortable, both in professional contexts and for personal hobbies. The materials are also judged as “resistant and reliable”. Good shipping and packaging.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about tool trolleys

As time goes by, the line that separates the world of professional manual work from the amateur one becomes thinner and thinner. After all, we all want to take advantage of the best products on the market and the tool trolley is the new object of desire for DIY enthusiasts. Before choosing the right model for you, we recommend that you read our guide.

Who are the regular users of tool trolleys?

In general, tool trolleys are designed for a professional audience. The first that come to mind are mechanics, construction professionals, furniture or home appliance fitters, and other professionals who perform various technical services that require their movement.

However, there is also a type of passionate or semi-professional customer: the classic DIY all-rounder. When a standard toolbox is no longer enough in terms of space, it is time to buy a larger one. As the weight of the box increases, it seems logical to want it to have built-in wheels, if only to move it from one corner of the house to another.

Why is it advisable to always keep a tool trolley close at hand?

Basically, the advantages of a tool trolley are three: comfort, safety and the organization of materials. There is also a fourth advantage to add: health. The use of the wheels helps to avoid excessive strain and frequent muscle injuries caused by the succession of repetitive movements.

On the other hand, if we get used to using a tool trolley at home or in our laboratory – for example – we will have everything ready when it is time to do a job outside. We will know exactly where to find each tool and accessory, without losing even one.

Did you know that in 2013 a group of archaeologists found what is thought to be the oldest toolbox in the world? The box is about 2.58 million years old and was found in Bokol Dora in southern Ethiopia, containing more than 300 sharp tools that were used for hunting and survival.

What are the most useful features of a tool trolley?

In the world of work, great importance is attached to the ability of tool trolleys to carry heavy materials. On the other hand, some professions take into account its potential as a portable organizer container. Reading the opinions of users, it is surprising to note the variety of uses of the tool trolley. Here are a few:

    • Works in the construction sector : plumbing, masonry and carpentry.
    • All kinds of home repairs.
    • Installation of household appliances or air conditioning systems, among other things.
    • Mobile workshop : on-site repairs when it is not possible – or you want to avoid – to move the faulty vehicle to the workshop.
    • Street selling : organizer trays are ideal for costume jewelery and small product sellers.
    • Professions related to the world of entertainment : make-up, hairdresser, stage attendants for theatrical, film or television productions, sound technicians for concerts and more.


How many types of tool trolleys are there?

There are no conceptual differences between the various models of tool trolley, but there are certainly some distinguishable characteristics, such as dimensions, shape and construction materials. These details are minimal, but they can be of some importance. For example, the position of the trolley when not in use can be vertical or horizontal.

    • Quantity of modules contained . The standard format of the tool trolleys includes a single module. However, there are others with two or three modules.
    • Suitcase type format with wheels . It can be a rigid bag or other material. In any case, this type of toolboxes are the most similar to classic travel trolleys.
    • Dimensions : the most common capacities correspond to 20, 40 and 50 kilos.
    • Rest position : vertical or horizontal.
    • Manufacturing materials : plastic or rigid canvas.
    • Associated products : laboratory / workshop tool trolleys, usually made of metal. Although, technically, they are tool trolleys, they are not suitable for use outside your workspace.


How much do the tool trolleys measure and how much they weigh?

It may seem like a trivial question, but in reality the exact dimensions of a tool trolley represent an important fact. Especially for professionals. On the one hand, it is useful to know if the trolley is able to contain certain tools. On the other hand, it is equally important to know if the trolley can fit in our trunk. Let’s see an explanatory table:


Brand and model Dimensions Weight
Stanley STST1-80151 Width: 47.5 cm

depth: 28.5 cm

height: 62.3 cm

4.28 Kg
Stanley STST1-80150 Width: 66.5 cm

depth: 40.4 cm

height: 34.4 cm

3.42 Kg
TIGMIG 53 x 38 x 23 cm 12.3 Kg
Trueshopping 52 x 32 x 72.5 cm 16.4 Kg
Stanley 1-93-968 47.3 x 30.2 x 62.7 cm 4.31 Kg

What materials are tool trolleys made of?

Most toolboxes, with or without wheels, are made from different types of plastic. This happens for a simple reason: the tools already have a substantial weight, so you want to avoid increasing the overall weight. For this reason we are looking for light and resistant materials, as you can see from the products in our ranking:


Brand and model Materials
Stanley STST1-80151 Plastic with metal closures
Stanley STST1-80150 Plastic with metal closures

Metal handle with plastic grip

TIGMIG Plastic with metal reinforcements in the closures

Telescopic metal handle

Trueshopping Aluminum frame

Telescopic metal handle

Stanley 1-93-968 Plastic with metal closures

Rubber wheels with metal axle

What are the most important parts of a tool trolley?

The pieces of the external part are more fragile as they are more exposed to shocks and bad weather. The internal part, on the other hand, must be able to meet our needs for organizing tools and accessories. These are the most important parts of the tool trolley.

External part of a tool trolley:

    • Closures . Metal closures are always recommended. Some models are equipped with a hole to insert a padlock into the closure, increasing its security.
    • Normal and telescopic handle . The normal handles allow you to carry the trolley by hand. In any case, the handles must be foldable or retractable, in order to facilitate storage of the cassette.
    • Wheels . The larger ones are, of course, the most resistant. Another important feature of the wheels is their maneuverability. Some models are also equipped with a safety brake, so that the cassette remains stationary in the event of a slope.
    • External compartments . It is always good to be able to count on external spaces for frequently used tools, so that you do not have to open the entire box every time.


Inside part of a tool trolley:

  • Compartments. They must be suited to our needs, both in terms of size and quantity.
    Elastic fasteners. 
    This is an option for inserting small tools such as screwdrivers and pliers. As well as pencils and other similar items.
  • Removable trays. Some tool trolley models are equipped with two or even three modules. However, even single-module models can be equipped with a pull-out tray to keep your most used tools close at hand.
  • Storage compartment. This is a diaphanous space reserved for larger tools, such as extensions.
  • Internal padding. Some models are equipped with a solid foam liner to cushion possible shocks produced by sudden movements.

What are the best brands of tool trolleys?

The US brand Stanley is the indisputable leader when it comes to products associated with DIY. It is a brand specialized in hand tools for professionals since 1843, merged with Black and Decker in 2010. This explains its strong presence and competitiveness on the market, as well as the great variety of tool trolley models offered.

The British brand Curver specializes in the organization of furniture, not only in the field of tools and DIY. Tayg, on the other hand, is a Spanish brand that boasts an overall rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon. There are also other brands that do not appear in our ranking of tool trolleys, but still deserve to be mentioned.

    • Stanley
    • Curver
    • Tayg
    • Wurth
    • Bauker
    • Dewalt
    • Truper
    • Easy

Purchase criteria

We now know the various types of toolboxes available on the market. Each model meets, to a greater or lesser extent, particular requirements: capacity, safety, ease of transport, resistance of materials and more. Whether you are a professional or a DIY lover, you will need to take the following factors into account.

  • Purpose of use
  • Cassette type
  • Dimension
  • Resistance and safety
  • Organization

Purpose of use

the first feature to take into consideration is the degree of professionalism that we demand from our tool trolley. If you are a professional, the toolbox represents a necessary investment, which you will subsequently pay back with the work. If you are just entering the world of DIY, you may be satisfied with cheaper and simpler models.

As explained above, a tool trolley can be used for several purposes. There are very different professions, such as the sale of costume jewelery, which only require one of the standard functions: the ability to organize small pieces. It can also happen that your tool trolley contains everything except real tools.

(Source: Oleksandr Boiko: 47407380 /

Cassette type

One of the simplest formats is one consisting of a single module. In these cases they are toolboxes of sufficient weight to justify the use of the wheels. The differences lie within. You may need multiple modules with various compartments, or prefer the cassette to have a clear space.

The amount of modules determines the type of toolbox we need. Most are made of durable plastic. although they can also be built in rigid canvas, as in the case of wheeled tool bags and suitcases. Finally, the natural position of the box must be considered: horizontal or vertical.


As explained above, depending on the storage needs, there are tool trolleys of different sizes. The little ones have a minimum capacity of 20 kilos. The rest of the models can support 40-50 kg of weight, or even more.

Sometimes, as in the case of the Stanley STST1 – 80151 model, the dimensions vary according to the module system. The first of these can be separated from the top for use as a classic, smaller toolbox. In these cases, the lower module is used to store larger objects.

Resistance and safety

The strength of the wheels is the weak point of this type of toolbox. This is a particularly important feature when it comes to small wheels, such as those of a travel trolley, which tend to get damaged more frequently than those with a larger diameter. In fact, the reviews of the rigid bag type model of the Stanley brand included in our ranking have some complaints in this regard.

The strength of the materials directly affects safety. For this reason, closures are usually made of metal, as they are more exposed to external agents. A plastic closure can break during transport and give us a very unpleasant surprise. Furthermore, if we want to avoid possible theft of materials, the best solution is the locks equipped with an orifice for the padlock.


Regardless of the presence of the wheels, the organization of the spaces of a toolbox is essential. To evaluate this characteristic we must start from the outside. Usually you need external compartments for smaller parts and hardware, for example. Thanks to the latter we will avoid opening the entire box.

The internal organization of a tool trolley is perhaps the most important aspect of all. Or in any case the most customizable and subjective feature. As the saying goes, “to each his own”, and for this reason it is important to choose a tool trolley equipped with separators, trays and fixing elements suitable for your purposes.

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