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By | November 5, 2021

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1. FOINNEX U-HA01 – Best overall

Maximum resolution: Full HDFOINNEX U-HA01

FOINNEX U-HA01 is the best USB to HDMI adapter ever of 2021. Simple to install, compatible with all sorts of computers, even laptops and Surface Pro, it is extremely versatile. Seamlessly extend your desktop screen onto your TV for stellar entertainment!

The cable we are talking about allows you to connect your favorite playback devices to the TV for superior graphics. Through USB 3.0 technology, the fastest and most reliable ever, the connection will be perfectly stable. The synchrony between the images and the sound will be very precise, and perfectly in line with that of the source.

The resolution that the adapter guarantees you is always very high, in fact it supports resolutions up to 1920x1080p, in order to offer you quality images, free of blur or any possible distortion. You will not notice at all that you are using mirror mode, in fact you will feel like you are watching what is being reproduced on the target screen directly from the starting screen.

As we have anticipated, this USB cable is very easy to install and also suitable for the less experienced. The integrated driver files have the Plug and Play system. Simply connect the adapter to the device you are interested in and it will be fully operational. The initial drivers are automatically installed by the system.

Finally, FOINNEX U-HA01 is also compatible with projectors, so if you have one at home we can only recommend it. It also supports extended mode, so you can connect a second monitor to your computer with this USB to HDMI adapter, expanding your workstation.

  • Best USB to HDMI adapter of 2021
  • Suitable for all types of computers, even laptops
  • Fast and reliable USB 3.0 technology
  • Always stable connection, free from distortion and grain
  • Resolution up to 1920x1080p for quality images
  • Easy to install with Plug and Play automatic drivers
  • Also compatible with the latest generation projectors
  • It has the extended mode to connect two monitors to the same computer


2. ICZI 01-RT – Best value for money

Maximum resolution: Full HDICZI 01-RT

If you are looking for the product with the highest price quality in our ranking, you have found it! ICZI 01-RT turns out to be one of the best USB to HDMI adapters and at the same time it is placed in a price range so competitive that it will not seem real to you. Let’s see together the characteristics it possesses.

Let’s start by talking about the fantastic USB interface of this converter cable. Practical and compact, it has only two inputs so you can’t go wrong when using it. With simultaneous output and charging, it doesn’t even need external power. ICZI 01-RT offers you the possibility to switch images from one screen to another in the simplest way possible.

You will certainly notice the very high performance that the adapter offers you in all circumstances, there will never be any loss of signal whatever the use you make of it. Compared to many other models, in fact, you can use it not only with computers and televisions, but for example also with consoles, TV Boxes, digital decoders and all similar electronic devices.

Another advantage that you can find in this USB to HDMI adapter is the presence of the audio output, so you don’t need any additional cables or external speakers for playback. In particular, this feature is one of the main reasons why ICZI 01-RT is so used and loved by consumers. Both the audio and the images in any case will be of very high quality.

Equipped with the Plug and Play system that adapts to any operating system, the cable will not limit you in any way during use. Whether you have a PC with Windows, Mac or Chrome as an operating system, rest assured that stability and usability are always guaranteed at the highest level!

  • USB to HDMI adapter with the best value for money in the ranking
  • Practical and compact interface
  • Simultaneous output and charging, no need for power
  • High performance without signal loss
  • Can be used with both PCs and televisions as well as consoles, TV Boxes and more
  • Built-in audio output, no need for additional cables
  • Full HD resolution images and high quality and perfectly synchronized sounds
  • Compatible with all operating systems

3. Inkon – The most portable

Maximum resolution: Full HDInkon

Inkon is the smallest, lightest and therefore portable USB to HDMI adapter that you can buy in 2020. If you are a university professor, work in the office and often give conferences, it is certainly a precious ally to transmit your work in a simple and effective way without bulky. equipment.

You will hardly find such a compact and powerful USB to HDMI adapter on the market today. It weighs just 18 grams and has dimensions of 13 x 7 x 2 cm. As you can see, it can be easily stored in any backpack or bag, even fits comfortably in the pockets of the jackets. You can always carry it with you without adding extra weight on your shoulders.

Small size, however, does not mean low performance, quite the contrary! USB 3.0 technology always offers you maximum accuracy and stability in sharing images from whatever your source. Obviously like the best models on the market, this HDMI adapter also supports a maximum resolution of 1920x1080p.

For in operation, nothing could be simpler! When you plug the adapter into your computer’s USB port, it will automatically activate and begin installing all the necessary drivers. You will only have to confirm the start of the installation and Inkon will do everything else, in complete autonomy. If you are inexperienced in the field, you have found excellent help!

Great when you travel frequently and are away from home for work, the adapter we just introduced to you is an ideal tool for transportation. It is no coincidence that you have already seen it in the hands of your colleagues, as it is one of the most popular models on the market internationally today.

  • Most portable and performing USB to HDMI adapter of 2021
  • It weighs only 18 grams
  • Very small size, perfect for carrying even in your pocket
  • High performance despite its compactness
  • USB 3.0 technology that is accurate and stable in all circumstances
  • Maximum resolution of 1920x1080p
  • Very simple installation driver, does not require any operation
  • Ideal for frequent travelers, or for workers such as university professors


4. CHOETEC V-HUB-H04 – Best in 4K resolution

Maximum resolution: 4KCHOETEC V-HUB-H04

Not for everyone an HD resolution is sufficient, which is precisely why CHOETEC V-HUB-04 is featured in our review. According to our opinions among the best USB to HDMI adapters you can find today, especially when it comes to mirroring images in 4K.

You got it right, this adapter supports compatibility with resolutions up to 4K, but at the same time is backward compatible with even lower ones. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice to use on multiple occasions and with multiple devices. The images that you transmit between the screens will be identical to the original ones, sharp, with natural colors and bright and rich in detail.

Another peculiarity of this cable is that the USB input is type c. In fact, it can be used with smartphones, tablets, and all computers that have this innovative entrance. In combination with 3.0 technology and Thunderbolt 3 mode, the speed will be very high and stability always guaranteed, making you forget various delays and blocks.

With CHOETEC V-HUB-H04 you can watch streaming content directly from your mobile devices on your big screen. It flawlessly supports all major applications for playing movies, TV series, sports and more. For example, open Netflix from your mobile phone and quickly and conveniently choose what to play on the TV screen.

The manufacturing materials such as PVC and gold plated make it extremely resistant, so it is not afraid of bumps or scratches. Finally, this USB to HDMI adapter is also incredibly portable. It turns out to be an accessory that you will no longer be able to do without, both for work commitments and for leisure.

  • Best USB to HDMI adapter with 4K support
  • Backward compatible even with lower resolutions
  • USB type-c input, also suitable for smartphones and tablets
  • USB 3.0 technology with ultra-fast Thunderblot 3
  • Allows you to stream content from apps on smartphones to TV
  • Resistant manufacturing materials
  • Lightweight and portable even in backpack pockets


5. Rankie – Best budget USB to HDMI adapter

Maximum resolution: Full HDRankie

Rankie is regarded by our experts as the best budget USB to HDMI adapter out there today. It has excellent features that make it position next to the higher-end and expensive ones, yet offering you a very low price in comparison to the latter.

Low price doesn’t always mean poor quality, and Rankie will prove it to you. It offers you flawless transmission, even supporting Full HD. The very high resolution is one of the most appreciated features because in general, even the most expensive USB to HDMI adapters are limited to the HD one. The sound will also be excellent, it will remain in uncompressed stereo.

The cable has a double layer structure that allows you to obtain a significant improvement in signal stability, and at the same time increases its durability over time. As you will surely notice, the images will be transmitted accurately and faithfully to the original, whatever the device you use.

The universal compatibility that the adapter possesses allows you to connect it to any playback device. TV, speakers, projectors, consoles, you are really spoiled for choice. The Plug and Play system does not require additional drivers, so you do not necessarily have to connect it to a computer for installation.

To complete this jewel are the gold-plated connectors, which resist corrosion and bending. Rest assured, from now on you can spend little and only once, not buying a USB to HDMI adapter every two weeks due to the general fragility they present!

  • Cheap but super performing USB to HDMI adapter
  • It also supports Full HD
  • Sound that remains intact, in uncompressed stereo
  • Double layer structure for better stability and durability
  • Universal compatibility with plug and play system
  • Super strong gold-plated connectors

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