Review The Best USB Type C Cable – Buying Guide

By | November 5, 2021

1. XLTOK – Best overall

Length: 2 x 1 meter; 1 x 2 metersXLTOK

The gold medal for the best USB type C cable of 2019 in our opinion, must definitely go to XLTOK. Exceptionally compatible, built with quality materials and very practical to use, you can’t ask for anything else. In this fantastic package, you will find 3 cables of different lengths.

Let’s start by talking about the perfect compatibility of this USB Type-C cable with any of your devices. It fits perfectly to smartphones, computers, tablets whether they are Samsung, Huawei or any other brand. The important thing is that they have a USB c input, which is smaller and more compact than a traditional one.

This USB type C cable is equipped with a reversible connector, designed according to recent and advanced technologies. This means that you don’t risk breaking the USB c input while trying to insert it the wrong way round. In fact, you can insert the cable into the port without having to worry about the direction of insertion, which in our opinion, is really a fantastic thing and among the best inventions ever.

Now let’s move on to the materials of the USB type C cable we are talking about. The product is built with durable and robust materials, which guarantee you over 7000 cycles of use. They are also very practical and super versatile to use, they have withstood every bending test perfectly. All this is allowed based on the TPE coating which offers greater protection in damage.

Finally, as we have anticipated, in the package you will find not one, but 3 USB type C cables, so you can use a different one for each device without risking losing them. They also have variable lengths according to your needs. Backed by a 12 month warranty, they are truly top of the line.

  • Best USB Type-C cable of 2019
  • Compatible with any type of device with a USB c input
  • Reversible connector
  • Durable and robust cable materials
  • 7000 cycles of guaranteed use
  • TPE coating against bending damage
  • In the package 3 different cables
  • 12 months warranty
  • Some problems with Windows 10
  • No fast charging


2. Rampow – Best value for money

Length: 1 meterRampow

Rampow is one of the best USB Type C cables you can buy today and also offers you an enviable value for money. Suitable for all your needs, from charging your phones to transferring files from one device to another, you will certainly notice its excellent performance.

Unlike many USB Type-C cables you can find on the market today, let’s start by saying that Rampow offers you fast charging technology. This way, you can charge all your electronic devices in no time. In less than 90 minutes, it can charge the batteries of even the newest and most mAh phones.

The transfer that this USB type C cable offers you is also 10 times higher than the average. Using USB 2.0 technology, files will be transferred at a speed of almost 500 Mbps! And of course, it’s also universally compatible. If you have Macbook, Samsung phone, Huawei tablet, no problem! You only need one cable to charge each device.

The construction materials and the reversible connector are also very well made. The superior quality materials with an ultra-durable nylon lining fabric prevents knots from forming. You can also rest assured, the cable does not tear or bend! Fantastic is also the reversible connector with gold-coated contacts for perfect conduction stability. You are guaranteed up to 10,000 entries.

The icing on the cake is the lifetime warranty that Rampow gives you, so the company is available for any kind of damage or problem. The customer support is exceptionally prepared and will be able to solve them in the blink of an eye in case of problems, offering you the most valid services.

  • USB type C cable with today’s best value for money
  • Fast charging technology
  • Battery charged in less than 90 minutes
  • Ultra-fast file transfer, up to 500 Mbps
  • Compatible with all types of devices, from Apple to Android
  • Nylon coated cable to avoid knots and tears
  • Reversible gold-plated connector
  • Lifetime warranty from Rampow Service
  • Mechanical contact not perfect
  • Difficult to roll up


3. SUCCESS – Top with super fast technologies

Length: 2 x 2 metersSUCCESS

SUCESO is the USB Type C cable that you must choose if you are looking for a top model that offers you an absolute speed of loading and transferring information. Superspeed technology allows you to significantly reduce times so that you always have a sprint of energy at your fingertips.

So let’s start by starting from the data transfer and recharge speed. Superspeed data transfer allows you to synchronize and pass data with a speed of up to 5Gbps. If you want a comparison, we can tell you that the performance of this USB type C cable exceeds that of any other model on the market by more than 10 times.

Charging, on the other hand, offers you a speed of up to 5V / 3A while remaining in complete safety. This means that your every device and its battery will always be safe from any kind of damage and overload. You can really use the cable with a lot of devices based on the high compatibility. Computers, tablets, phones of any brand fit perfectly with this cable.

In our opinion it is also one of the most durable and flexible today. The thread is covered with nylon woven fabric for super high strength, and is naturally anti-twist and abrasion resistant. The tests speak for themselves, our experts say that this cable guarantees you over 10000 uses, and the fantastic connector is also really sturdy.

Superior also as regards the guarantees that the manufacturer offers you, this cable has nothing to envy to the more expensive models. 24 months of warranty complete the product and make you make a purchase with complete peace of mind, knowing that for any problem, there is a solution!

  • Among the fastest USB type C cables ever
  • Best Superspeed technology ever for transfers up to 5Gbps
  • Safe charging up to 5V / 3 °
  • High compatibility
  • Durable and strong with braided nylon thread
  • Guaranteed over 10,000 uses
  • 24 months warranty
  • Connector support not perfectly adherent
  • It doesn’t work with Android

4. AUKEY – Best budget USB type C cable

Length: 1 meterAUKEY

Forget the shopping sprees for a simple USB cable to charge your phone and move all your data from one device to another! AUKEY is the best budget USB type C cable around and has nothing to envy to the more expensive and faster models. Let’s see its characteristics together.

Suitable for recharging the batteries of your electronic devices but also for data transfer and transmission. The transfer speed based on USB 3.0 technology is 10 times faster than 2.0. Without any difficulty it manages to reach speeds that touch 5Gbps, just like the most performing products of today.

The reversible connector, a feature that you appreciate so much, cannot be missing in this USB Type C cable. The new generation of USB cables allows you not to worry about the direction of insertion thanks to a simple and identical design on both sides. Of course, you can use it both at home and in the car.

The compatibility of the cable is also truly exceptional, it is in fact suitable for all devices with USB c input. You will undoubtedly notice the very high quality materials with which it is produced. The nylon braided with the aluminum connector coating, make the wire flexible but ultra strong. The company is sure, you can fold it over 6000 times and use it for more than 10000 without any problem.

In the package, in addition to the cable, you will also find a warranty of 24 months, so you can rest assured, in case of problems AUKEY will immediately replace your product. As you can see, it really lacks nothing, and all while remaining very cheap compared to the market average today.

  • Cheapest and most reliable USB type C cable around
  • Both for recharging and for data transfer
  • 10x faster speed based on the best USB 3.0 technology
  • Reversible connector for ease of use
  • Can be used both at home and in the car
  • Braided nylon with aluminum connector
  • Over 10,000 uses
  • 24 months warranty
  • No fast charging
  • A little high in diameter
  • With some smartphone covers, the connector may have problems


5. Gritin – Ultra durability

gritinLength: 1 x 1 meter; 1 x 1.5 meters; 1 x 2 meters

Gritin is the ideal solution for anyone looking for a fantastic complete and most durable USB type C cable kit. 3 different pieces, suitable for both use at home and carried with you. Durability is undoubtedly one of their strengths, they are perfect to be taken wherever you want.

Let’s start from the first strength of these USB type C cables, namely durability. All 3 cables in the package are built with ultra-durable materials. The nylon fiber fabric cover guarantees you extreme resistance. In this way, the solidity is guaranteed and you will not have to buy a new product every month.

The reversible connectors with aluminum cones also prove to be exceptionally durable. So you don’t have to worry about possible corrosion or bending of the thin teeth. The aluminum in addition, offers you a perfect and stable connection between the cable and all your devices. We are sure, few models can boast an equally resistant technical apparatus!

Now let’s move on to tell you something about compatibility, which as you can imagine is really very high. The cables are suitable and compatible with a wide range of devices, and not just smartphones. For example, you can connect your computer to the tablet to recharge it or to conveniently transfer files and multimedia contents.

The design of these cables is no joke either, they are really cool and futuristic! Finally, not only does the kit offer you 3 different models with equally different lengths, but you also have a lifetime warranty. This means that if there are any problems, assistance will be fully available for any type of replacement.

  • Among the best USB Type-C cables based on durability
  • Kit with 3 products inside, of variable length
  • Constructed with ultra-durable materials such as nylon fiber
  • Reversible connectors in sturdy and resistant aluminum
  • Compatible with many devices
  • Beautiful to look at and futuristic design
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Assistance available for any kind of problem
  • Fast charging is not supported
  • Unstable cell phone attack

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