Shrimp Breeding Season

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With the weather warming up, I have increased the temperature of the shrimp rack to 24°C.  I also performed a small water change using straight RO water. This dropped the TDS by a few points and prompted the shrimp to moult and start breeding by simulating the rains which would occur during the wet season when food would be more abundant.

Large berried blue bolt shrimp sitting on a leaf playing in the bubbles from the filter

This shrimp was sitting in the bubbles caused by the spray bar and was in the perfect position to be able to see the eggs being carried under the carapace.

Blue bolt shrimp foraging for food amongst the soil granules.

Close up image of a  berried female blue bolt shrimp showing the eggs under the carapace

Berried female CRS shrimp showing the eggs under the carapace surrounded by juvenile shrimp

As can be seen from this image, the crystal shrimp have smaller eggs and carry more than the blue bolts.

Close up of a week old juvie CRS

Close up of a week old juvie CRS with obscured adult blurred in the background

Close up of a juvenile Crystal red shrimp feeding on the soil