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Simulation of Arduino Programs Using Proteus

Hi friends, this time I will share how to make an Arduino simulation on the Proteus 8 software. Before doing the simulation, you should install the Proteus 8 software and download the Proteus 8 library at the following link: Arduino Library.
After installing and downloading the library, then follow the Arduino sketch scheme and program according to the video below.
From the video simulation above, friends can practice directly, and prepare the following tools and materials:
  1. Arduino UNO
  2. LM35
  3. 16×2 . LCD
  4. 10K resistor for pin 2 LCD
  5. Resistor 3k3 for pin 3 LCD
  6. Connecting cable
  7. Breadboard
Good luck friends

Please download the LM35 temperature sensor sketch program
If you want to see the complete schematic and program, you can download it at

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