Smart Tips for choosing a hand grinder so as not to harm

By | April 3, 2021
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On this occasion, I will discuss how to choose a hand Gurinda according to your friend’s needs. Because the wrong choice can be detrimental

Grinders are a tool commonly used to cut, smooth, or file hard objects such as metal, ceramics, and wood. Has a small posture, easy to hold but super strong and powerful rotation because it has a super 400-watt Universal electric motor engine.

Review Dewalt DW830 Grinders best tool

Review Dewalt DW830 Grinders best tool

It cannot be denied that the presence of this object has indeed become a major change in the industrial world. Because the existence of a tool called hand grinder is very profitable and can speed up work up to many times, much faster than being done manually.
Therefore, many people have flocked to find and buy these hand grinders for various purposes. for industrial and commercial one of them.

However, don’t let you choose the wrong hand grinder because it can be detrimental. It is for this reason that on this occasion I will discuss how to choose a hand Gurinda so as not to harm.

Review Dewalt DW810 Angel Grinders best tool

Review Dewalt DW810 Angel Grinders best tool

There are several important considerations that you should consider buying a hand master, namely the consideration of the quality of the goods, the usefulness of the goods, and the price of the goods.


Whatever the item, Quality is Number 1 in choosing goods because good quality can provide maximum results and be faster in doing work.

The quality of hand grinding can be viewed from the brand of the grinders. Quality brands include Bosch, Makita, Dewalt, and Metabo. However, because these items are quite expensive, the next consideration can help you in choosing

Usefulness of goods

The intended use of the item is what the hand grinder is for? To cut wood. To cut iron, for other things?

These considerations can be the reasons and solutions to choose the next. If you plan to use the grinders as a weapon for large projects such as the manufacture of iron fences, then I suggest buying a branded and high-quality grinders as I have mentioned above.

But if the Gurinda will only be used as needed or as a complement to your friend’s collection of tools, then buy something that is quite affordable. For example, Modern or Ryota, there are also Maktecs, which are quite enthusiastic.

And the latter is the most and always considered consideration, that is

The price of the Grinders

The price of a grinder is very diverse and varies from USD 20,00. Therefore, I suggest buying a hand grinder according to your budget and your needs. It doesn’t need to be too expensive but the quality is guaranteed. For example, Maktec, which is priced at just 500,000. But once again I emphasize, if you want to use the grinders for a large project such as a building contractor, I recommend buying a quality one, for example, Makita or Bosch because it will be more profitable and strong.

Then how do you choose a used hand Grinders?

Choosing a used hand grinder is somewhat different from a new hand grinder. if the new hand grinder does not need to consider the machine because it is guaranteed. To choose a used hand grinder, checking the quality of the machine must be taken into account, also accompanied by the three considerations above

How to find out that the grinding machine is still good or cannot be seen from the emergence of sparks from the commutator lamellar section. That is the part that connects the Stator and Rotor parts on a universal electric motor. The lamellar parts can be seen by removing the lid and a carbon brush

If at the time of the rotation, a spark occurs on the lamellar part of the commutator, then the quality of the grinder has decreased in quality and will quickly be damaged

Apart from that, if when you look at the lamellar it looks black, it will also reduce the quality of the thick cloth.

Apart from that the noise and the temperature that quickly heat up also affect the quality of the hand grinding machine and must be considered when buying it.