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By | May 23, 2022

Laptop hybrid which has a dual function is currently a trend and much sought after. Hybrid itself is a term used for laptops or laptops notebook which can be laptop mode or tablet mode at the same time. In general, this laptop has a minimalist design and various functions, so many people like it. One of them Surface Pro 5.

Finding a laptop hybrid it’s probably pretty easy right now. Almost all well-known laptop brands present a series of hybrid to meet customer needs. One of the laptop series hybrid worthy for you to consider is the Surface Pro 5. Maybe most of you are still unfamiliar with this series of laptops.

But actually this laptop is a laptop from the world’s largest technology company, namely Microsoft. Curious about the specifications and performance of this Microsoft laptop? Immediately, see a more complete discussion below:

Surface Pro 5 . Specifications

Processor : Intel Core M37Y30 or Intel Core i5-7300U or Intel Core i7-7660U
Memory : 4GB/8GB/16GB
Operating System : Windows 10
Display : 12.3 inches PixelSense (2736 x 1824 pixels), 10 point multi-touch
Graphics : Intel HD Graphics 615 or Intel HD Graphics 620 or Intel Iris plus Graphics 640
Storage : SSD 128GB/SSD 256GB/SSD 512GB/SSD 1TB
Optical Drive :
Keyboard :
Card Reader : MicroSDXC card reader
WebCam : Front camera 5 MP and main camera 8 MP
Networking : Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
Bluetooth wireless 4.1
Interface : Type A USB 3.0 x 1
1 x mini display port
1 x headphone jack
1 x Surface Connect Port
1 x surface type cover port
Audio : 1.6 W stereo speakers with Dolby Audio Premium
Battery : 13.5 hours
Power Adapter : Outputs:
15 V 4 A 60 W
Dimensions : 292mm x 201mm x 8.5mm
Weight : 768 – 784 grams


Price and Specifications suface pro 5

Surface Pro 5 has three processor options, namely Intel Core M3-7Y30, Intel Core i5-730U, and Intel Core i7-7660U which is the 7th generation or Kaby Lake. The three processors are able to handle various types of applications without any lag. Even the three of them are also able to be invited to work independently multitasking use heavy applications.

While the available RAM capacities are from 4 GB to 16 GB. You can choose the RAM capacity according to your needs. In terms of external storage, this Microsoft laptop uses SSD technology which is known to have higher speeds than previous technologies.

The graphics capabilities of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 use a graphics card in the form of Intel HD Graphics 615 for Intel Core M3, Intel HD Graphics 620 for Intel Core i5, and Intel Iris plus Graphics 640 for Intel Core i7. With this graphics card, you can play a variety of things games high specification.

Another advantage of this laptop is in terms of camera and battery life. In the camera sector, the Surface Pro 5 has a camera with a resolution of 5 MP on the front and 8 MP on the back. Both are equally capable of recording 1080p video.

As for the battery performance, this laptop has a very high endurance. The reason is, the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is able to last up to 13.5 hours in normal use, such as Office work, browsing, and so on. With this durability, you can be content to carry this laptop everywhere without fear of running out of power.

Design and Appearance

Price and Specifications suface pro 5

Surface Pro 5 is a laptop hybrid which has a slightly different design than the laptop hybrid other. The reason is, this laptop has three modes display which you can choose with their respective uses.

All three modes display These are laptop mode, tablet mode, and studio mode. This laptop also has surface pen so you can use it to write or draw directly.

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In terms of appearance, the laptop has a 12.3-inch screen with PixelSense QHD Display technology with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels. However, because the bezel is not as wide as a laptop in general, this laptop has a size that looks smaller.

The size itself is 292 x 201 x 8.5 mm and weighs about 768 to 784 grams. Very practical isn’t it? With this minimalist size, those of you who have high mobility will find it easier to carry it everywhere.

Price Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is a laptop hybrid which first appeared in the United States in May 2017. This generation is the next generation of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 series with improvements in various sectors. At the beginning of entering Indonesia, this laptop was circulated with prices ranging from Rp. 10 million to Rp. 36 million.

For the Intel Core M3 variant, the price is Rp. 10,910,000 to Rp. 12,500,000, while the Intel Core i5 variant has a price of Rp. 12,039,000 to Rp. 18,750,000. Finally, the Intel Core i7 variant is circulating at a price of around Rp. 19,475,000 to Rp. 36,049,000. How? Are you interested?