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How to get electricity tokens for free – Maintenance Workshop

Assalamualaikum, wr, wb Introduction Hello, how are you guys, how are you guys? I hope you are healthy and your fasting is full. Amin, due to the corona pandemic, the government provides electricity free of charge with the target customer capacity being 450VA and 900VA, as well as a 50 percent discount for these customers… Read More »

Understanding and explanation of What is static electricity – Maintenance Workshop

Assalamualaikum, wr, wb. Introduction Hello genks, today I want to talk about static electricity based on the references I read if we look at it from an electrical point of view, there really is static electricity apart from an electrical point of view, ahaha. Yes, yes, so what is static electricity…? Have you ever heard… Read More »

Techniques for changing 3 phase (380 V) electricity to 1 Phase (220 V) for beginners – Maintenance Workshop

assalamualikum, wr, wb. Hello brother how are you..?! Today I want to give an article about electricity which is entitled about the technique of how to change 3 phase electricity to 1 phase for beginners or how to change the voltage from 380 to 220V or change the 380 V phase to 220 V phase.… Read More »

recommended calculator application for those of you who study in electricity – Maintenance Workshop

Assalamuallaikum, wr, wb. Hello boss, are you healthy?!! Thank you, time to theory, hahaha. So I wrote this article for those of you who are studying in electricity who need a calculator to calculate cos phi, tan, sin, now this is an application recommendation for those of you who are still studying at the university,… Read More »

Explanation & understanding of electric plugs for home electricity – Maintenance Workshop

assalammualaikum, wr, wb Hello friends, maintenance workshop techniques, so in this article we will discuss about the power plug, to be precise, our title this time is an explanation & understanding of the electric plug for home electricity, have you made coffee yet? What’s your favorite coffee or drink? Please kiluk (stir) first. So maybe… Read More »

Why does the electricity at home often fail?! Here’s the explanation!! – Maintenance Workshop

Assalamualikum, wr, wb. Hello brother, brown. You must know what it is bro. hehe. Yes, continue. So this time, really Ultramen wants to explain about the article why the electricity at home often fails?! Before we get into the basic bread (bread pulak) with the basic theory, it’s a good idea to stop by at… Read More »