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Calibration of the Sayaki brand scale indicator type A1-5 – Maintenance Workshop

Assalammualaikum, wr, wb. Introduction Hallooowwww my boss,,,,, how are you maintenance workshop friends, warm greetings from me, I hope you are doing well, now in this article, I am bringing up the title of an article about digital scale calibration or how to calibrate the Sayaki scale indicator with type A1-5. Have you ever heard… Read More »

The cause of the digital scale (ton scale) is not accurate on the indicator numbers – Maintenance Workshop

Now this is the most sensitive part of a large-scale digital scale or a tonne scale, a damaged loadcell can cause inaccurate weighing, friends, a tonne scale usually has 4 load cells, if one of them is damaged, the digital scale will automatically not have accurate numbers. which is read on the indicator, then how… Read More »

How to calibrate the DI-517 type digi indicator (digital scale) – Maintenance Workshop

Assalamualikum, wr, wb Hi genks, how are you all, hopefully always healthy and good luck. So, in this article, I want to provide a little insight regarding digital scales with the article title how to calibrate the DI-517 type digi indicator or the DI-517 brand digital scale calibration, are your indicators the same as the… Read More »

TechnoEcho: Xiaomi Battery Indicator Solution Turns On But Doesn’t Increase When Charging

HP is not charging – How how to solve a Xiaomi cellphone that is charged but can’t turn on ? This incident happened to the Xiaomi Redmi 4 cellphone that I had having problems battery indicator lights up when charging but not charging power. Starting from the xiaomi cellphone which died completely because it ran… Read More »