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The difference between the starting capacitor and the running capacitor in a single phase electric motor – Maintenance Workshop

Assalammualaikum, wr, wb. Hi friends, repairing electrical equipment, so this time it’s not Ciliwung time, I will explain the difference between 2 starting capacitors and running capacitors or the difference between starting capacitors and running capacitors, so to be honest, I didn’t understand these two things before, because the capacitors are I know it’s only… Read More »

causes and how to deal with a motorcycle carburetor running out of gasoline continuously (flood) – Maintenance Workshop

Assalammualaikum, wr, wb Hello friends, maintenance workshops for equipment repair, today I will explain about how to deal with a motor whose combustion system still uses a carburetor, which is entitled How to Overcome a Carburetor Out of Gasoline Continuously or overcoming flood carburetor let’s just look at this article, hopefully it’s useful Gas…… Basic… Read More »

TechnoEcho: 4 Ways to Overcome a Totally Dead Cellphone Can’t Charge After Running Out of Battery

Totally Dead HP – How how to turn on a completely dead cellphone battery on android device ? Have you ever experienced an incident where Android phone is totally dead and can’t be charged after the battery runs out up to 0% ? Actually, the condition of an android phone that suddenly cannot be turned… Read More »