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Understanding resistors (electronic components) – Maintenance Workshop

Assalammuallaikum, wr, wb Introduction Hello genks… how are you today, hopefully in good health always. It doesn’t feel like we have entered the month of Ramadan, hopefully the fast is awake. Well in this article, about the components of electronic devices. I want to talk about resistors. What is a resistor and an explanation of… Read More »

Understanding and explanation of What is static electricity – Maintenance Workshop

Assalamualaikum, wr, wb. Introduction Hello genks, today I want to talk about static electricity based on the references I read if we look at it from an electrical point of view, there really is static electricity apart from an electrical point of view, ahaha. Yes, yes, so what is static electricity…? Have you ever heard… Read More »

Explanation & understanding of electric plugs for home electricity – Maintenance Workshop

assalammualaikum, wr, wb Hello friends, maintenance workshop techniques, so in this article we will discuss about the power plug, to be precise, our title this time is an explanation & understanding of the electric plug for home electricity, have you made coffee yet? What’s your favorite coffee or drink? Please kiluk (stir) first. So maybe… Read More »

Explanation and understanding of the mt 3608 2 A max booster module – Maintenance Workshop

Assalammualaikum, wr, wb. Hello friends, maintenance workshops, repair of electrical equipment, how are you all, my boss, I hope you are always in good health and good fortune, amen. so this time I will discuss about the MT 3608 2 A max module. Well, maybe in this article, friends, all of you will get a… Read More »