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TechnoEcho: 10 Ways to Login WA Without Verification? (Really Works)

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Bypassing Whatsapp Verification – How to enter WhatsApp without having to verify the phone number on an Android phone?

This question is often asked of those who have just lost their cellphone, sim card past the grace period or changed their wa account on another Android device but still want to log in using the old number.

So even though there are 10 ways to bypass whatsapp verificationcan it make us able to enter the whatsapp account without a phone number verification code?

Here TechnoEcho will provide an explanation of how to pass the WhatsApp verification code on an Android cellphone in full below.

How to Enter Old Whatsapp Account on Android Phone

Whatsapp Login Without Verification

Before we start the discussion of logging in to wa without verification, let’s first look at the following conversation of one twitter user with the official Indosat Twitter account (@IndosatCare).

bypass whatsapp verification code

From @IndosatCare’s answer, it was explained that whatsapp accounts can only be verified using only one phone number on one mobile device.

Indeed, there are lots of tutorials to overcome not being able to enter a wa account by using applications that can pass sms verification such as primo, spoof text, receive free sms whatsapp, or textnow.

And the application – the application turned out to be successful in being able to make us login to the WhatsApp application without having to enter a password sent via SMS.

But again, what you need to know is that there is no way to enter 1 WhatsApp account with two mobile numbers, reported from the Whatsapp Help Center.

So how do you register for WhatsApp which always fails? Let’s see the full review below.

How To Sign In Whatsapp Without Verification Code With The Help Of The Application

As we said earlier that there are indeed many ways to bypass WhatsApp verification on an Android phone.

One of them is to use several applications such as primo, spoof text, receive free sms whatsapp, or the textnow application.

In essence, the application is designed as a way to create fake numbers or foreign numbers for verification of WhatsApp account logins.

how to make a fake number for verification

We just need to try to enter some numbers that have been provided to login wa where later a verification code will be sent via a gmail account or you can also use emergency call assistance.

Indeed, the advantages of using this application can make us enter our old whatsapp account, but on the condition that the whatsapp application is still in one phone device when we create a wa account before changing numbers.

However, if we use a new phone device, when we can login to the wa account, we will not be able to get the chat history or the wa group that we had before.

If you are still curious to try please have a look how to log in wa account using the app on the android phone in our previous post.

How to Login Whatsapp With Old Number on Android Phone

Often we are confused by the situation of wanting to change a new phone number but are afraid that the old wa account will be lost.

But you don’t need to worry because WhatsApp has a change number feature which can be used before you verify the new number on the same Android device.

By using this feature you can automatically move account information (including profile information), groups, and settings from the old phone number to the new phone number.

In addition, when we use the change number feature, friends in wa contact will automatically not be able to see your old phone number in their contact list.

How to Change Phone Number Without Deleting Old Whatsapp Account

Below are the steps you can follow if you want to register whatsapp with another number, including:

  1. First insert the new SIM card on the android phone that has a previous whatsapp account
  2. After that open the WhatsApp application
  3. Tap the menu button (three dots) in the upper right corner > settings then tap the profile photo to see the old verified number on wa
  4. If the old number is correct, then go to settings> Account> Change number
  5. Then enter the old phone number in the top box and enter the new phone number in the bottom box
  6. Then tap Next
  7. Tap Notify My Contact / Custom of your choice
  8. The last step tap Done and it will appear whatsapp notification to verify the new phone number

If you have completed these steps, you will automatically be able to enter the old WhatsApp account with the new phone number.

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How to Overcome Not Getting Whatsapp Code Verification After Changing a New Android Phone

Not a few have asked us about the verification code not coming in or verifying wa have to wait for hours, why is that?

how to enter whatsapp without verification code

This turns out to often happen to those who try to enter WhatsApp accounts on other Android phones even though WhatsApp was previously still active.

So what should be done to overcome the unable to login WhatsApp on Android?

Whatsapp tips when changing the phone device that you need to do are:

  1. First we back up whatsapp chat first via the settings menu> chat> back up chat
  2. After that delete the whatsapp application on the old phone device
  3. Then enter the sim card that has been verified by the wa account on the new cellphone that we will use
  4. Then we just download the WhatsApp application and after that the WhatsApp application will automatically connect to your old account

It’s important for you to know!

If you change your WhatsApp account from iPhone to Android, even though you can enter the old account, WhatsApp cannot transfer messages to a different type of phone.

However, if you change your phone from an android phone to another android, chat history previously you may be able to recover as it may have the option to move messages.

And if when I log in to WhatsApp there is a two-step verification and we forget the code, we just need to press forgot password and the code will automatically be sent to our gmail account.

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It’s quite clear that it’s not about WhatsApp account verification this time that there really isn’t a way to have one WhatsApp account using two phone numbers.

how to login whatsapp with old number

Even though there is a cloned application on your current Android phone, it’s still 2 whatsapp accounts Each must have 1 phone number.

Thus our meeting this time which has just reviewed the truth of a how to bypass whatsapp verification code on android phone.

Now, it’s your turn ? Which step are you going to try and if you have some input, please send it via email or live chat on our social media. Thank you is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you