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TechnoEcho: 10 Ways to Overcome HP Screen with Stripes Before Changing the LCD (Android User Experience)

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Striped HP Screen – The LCD screen of Android cellphones often has problems with shaking and horizontal or vertical stripes.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) is one component of the cellphone screen that serves to display an image.

With technology like today, Android vendors are able to bring up various types of cellphone screens such as LCD, TFT, IPS, OLED, AMOLED, Retina Displays to Super AMOLED screens.

But apart from the development of the current cellphone screen, the LCD is a part that is often damaged.

For example, like a striped cellphone screen.

Based on the experience of android cellphone users such as xiaomi, oppo, vivo, advan and samsung, striped cellphone LCDs often occur on OLED, AMOLED, and Super AMOLED touchscreen types.

And all how to fix a striped cellphone screen what they did we have collected into one below.

Therefore how to remove lines on cellphone screen you can apply this on all devices android like vivo, oppo, xiaomi, realme, or samsung.

How to Overcome HP Screen Horizontal / Vertical Stripes (Black, White, Green, Red)

How to Overcome Android Mobile Touch Screen with Stripes

What causes the cellphone screen to have streaks?

Collisions or pressure (stressed) on android devices often make the HP LCD stripe either vertically or horizontally.

In addition, there are also other factors that cause striped cellphone screens, including:

1. HP Often Falls

The more often your cellphone falls, the more likely it is that a damaged cellphone LCD will occur.

Why can the hp lcd be damaged?

Because it is very likely that the cellphone screen will crack after being dropped, even though the effect of a cracked cellphone screen is not so disturbing.

The biggest risk in this incident is the HP LCD screen is broken and usually when it’s severe the characteristics are: the cellphone screen can’t be touched partially or at all.

2. Distressed HP LCD

This incident often happens because Android users like to keep their cellphones in their back pockets and forget to take their cellphones when they sit down.

That’s why the cellphone screen appears colorful lines, namely because of excessive pressure on the cellphone LCD.

3. HP Screen Connector Problem (Disconnected)

The cellphone screen connector that is loose / detached from the socket can cause vertical black lines to appear on the cellphone.

Usually the installation of the mainboard to the lcd that is not right after repair will be marked by the characteristics of the cellphone screen being striped and rocking.

4. System Error

It is possible that an error system problem can also cause the LCD to be vertically lined.

An example of a case when an android phone fails when flashing a rom, later we will tell you the solution if your problem is like that.

5. HP LCD Screen

Finally, the cause of the streaky screen can occur because of the cellphone lcd itself. Starting from the cellphone screen is scratched, cracked and the worst if it breaks.

And if that’s the case, like it or not, you have to replace the touch screen of the cellphone.

Why is it that the way to fix the cellphone has a striped screen that is replaced by a touchscreen cellphone? Why not the LCD? That’s why you should know the difference between LCD and touchscreen damage.

Well.. is it hp lcd can be repaired ? It all depends on the source of the problem, whether from software or hardware. Following how to check hp screen still normal or not.

How to Overcome the Android HP LCD Screen with Stripes

So in essence, if the striped and cracked cellphone screen has no effect on the sensitivity when the screen is touched, we can fix it without having to replace the cellphone LCD.

1. How to remove lines on the cellphone screen

The video below is a method that I have successfully used to remove the green line on the cellphone screen android.

Where at that time the condition of the cellphone screen was striped and if it was pressed a green frame box appeared. It’s also strange that when the screen is touched the cellphone makes its own sound error.

With the method in the video, I managed to remove the green box on my Vivo cellphone without having to go to the service center.

2. Disable “Show Pointer Location”

If your cellphone screen appears horizontally with white, red, yellow, then try to disable the pointer location feature.

You need to know that, pointer location is a pointer to the location of the pointer (tap) on the cellphone screen with a crosshairs.

Usually it will be indicated by a horizontal line that appears at the top of the screen to detect the coordinates of the line – the crosshairs.

Well, to get rid of the horizontal line on the cellphone screen, try going to the Developer Options feature to turn off the pointer location option.

Here are the steps to turn off the location pointer:

  1. Press “Settings >> About phone”
  2. Touch “Build Number” 7 times quickly until “Developer Options” setting appears
  3. Then go to Developer Options and scroll down
  4. Find the “Show pointer location” menu and turn it off so it’s not marked
  5. Then, the colored lines on the screen will disappear and return to normal

3. Use a Line Remover App

In addition to going through the Developer Options settings, we can also solve the problem of striped cellphone screens by using the LCD line remover application.

In addition to using the lcd fixer application, here we recommend Dead Pixel Detect and Fix . App.

Not only because this Dead Pixel Detect and Fix application can be downloaded for free via google play androidbut with this application we can detect every pixel that is stuck or dead on the LCD screen of your cellphone.

Besides Dead Pixel Detect and Fix, it is able to overcome the striped cellphone lcd screen, we can also use this application to deal with other cellphone lcd damage such as shaking and flashing.

How about it, don’t you want to try installing the application?

4. Prepare Toothpaste

how to fix mobile screen with stripes

If the cellphone screen is scratched due to age, then you need to try some of the steps taken as a way to fix the striped android cellphone screen.

The tools we need are:

  • Toothpaste
  • Earpick (CottonBud)
  • Soft cloth (handkerchief)

How to remove scratches on the HP LCD touch screen using a cotton bud :

  1. First, open the cellphone cashing when it’s turned off
  2. Then rub slowly and evenly over the screen on the damaged part with a cotton bud
  3. Then if streaked down (Vertical), rub gently from top to bottom.
  4. If it forms a circle, rub it gently in a clockwise direction.
  5. But if it is striped to the side (Horizontal), rub it gently left and right.
  6. At the time of rubbing, need a little pressure and look at the LCD will show the damaged parts like sticky.
  7. Keep rubbing for about 30 minutes. It takes patience, because if you press too much it will damage the screen surface.
  8. If so, restart the cellphone, reinstall the case

Actually, the method above is only one of the ways to clean a dull HP LCD screen from several existing guidelines.

But if the method above has not been able to remove the scratches on your cellphone screen, try another method that is more complete in the discussion how to get rid of blisters on cellphone screenthe blurry one.

5. Check HP LCD Socket

There’s nothing wrong if you check the condition of the cellphone’s LCD socket, because it’s possible that the LCD socket is loose if the cellphone has just been dropped.

Usually, if your LCD socket is loose, the cellphone screen will be shaded, the cool term now is the burn-in cellphone screen.

But if you leave this problem, the worst effect is that the touch screen will not work. From experience, often touch screen not working partially on the part where there is a flickering line shadow.

6. Put In Rice

Actually, if the android phone is hit / goes into the water, the problem that often happens is that the cellphone screen is blank or the screen can’t be touched.

how to fix streaky android phone screen after getting hit by water

However, it is also possible that a line will appear on the cellphone’s touchscreen after entering water, this is because there is still water in the components of the Android device.

There are many ways to deal with striped and wobbly cellphone screens after getting the water in, ranging from using matches to drying using a hair dryer.

However, we often use the very easy way, namely by soaking the cellphone in rice like the steps we can do if the cellphone gets in water.

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7. Turn off the Smart Sidebar feature

Actually, the white striped cellphone screen next to the screen is a smart sidebar that is widely applied to the latest cellphones today.

how to remove the smart sidebar android feature

You need to know that the Smart Sidebar functions to make it easier for Android cellphone users to multitask while opening an application.

So can we remove the line on the Android cellphone LCD?

The answer is yes. This is because the smart sidebar feature on the Android cellphone screen can be activated / deactivated as desired.

To disable features Smart Sidebar Features on Android Phones So that the cellphone screen does not have a white line, you can do it with the following steps:

  1. The first step is to first enter the settings menu
  2. Then look for the Smart Practical menu
    How to get rid of white lines on cellphone screen
  3. Next step tap Smart Sidebar Options
    how to fix a striped cellphone screen
  4. Then all you have to do is turn off Smart Assistant
    how to get rid of the white line next to the cellphone screen

There is nothing wrong if you turn off the feature because the more application features that run on a smartphone, of course, the Android cellphone battery will run out quickly.


Thus our article that discusses how to fix a striped cellphone screen.

Now tell us what steps we need to add to this post.

And if one of the ways above can solve the striped cellphone screen problem on your Android device, don’t be shy to share it in the comments column.

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