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TechnoEcho: 2 Ways to Create a Whatsapp Link on Facebook Using Only an Android Phone (No Complicated)

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Click to chat whatsapp – How important is connecting the wa number on facebook to you?

Of course very important! How come, create whatsapp link Social media such as Facebook or Instagram is one way to attract buyers for online business players.

This is because it can make it easier for buyers, with just one click on the whatsapp link, we can directly chat with the seller via wa automatically with a predetermined order format.

However, the lack of understanding of a url script needed to make a phone number into a wa link causes not a few people to do it.

Therefore, on this occasion TechnoEcho will make it easier for you to do it because here we will provide a guide to create a wa link using only an Android phone.

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How to Change a Mobile Number into an Auto Chat Whatsapp Link on Facebook

how to make whatsapp link on facebook

Before we change the phone number / cellphone number into a whatsapp link, there are a few things you need to understand first.

To create a direct click chat feature on wa, we must first understand what a “url script” is.

The following is an example of a url script:

In addition, there are several other scripts that you may need to know, for example, like %3A for dot 2 ( : ), %0A to enter / newline, and %20 for spaces. This script works later when we will create an automatic order format.

And let’s just start applying how to create a whatsapp link on fb using an android phone in the review below.

By creating a WA link before posting on Facebook

Of course, if we look at the whatsapp link with the addition of automatic text, it will certainly look too long and do not have an attractive impression.

But it turns out we can still shorten / shorten the url by using the help of wa. Interestingly, with Bitly WhatsApp you can do custom short urls according to what you want.

For example like this,

WhatsApp link before custom short url:

  • Item%3A%0AQuantity%3A%0A

WhatsApp link after custom


Below is a guide for those of you who want to make a cool wa link via on an Android phone, you can see it in the following video:

but if you prefer to read, here are the steps:

How to create a WA link on

  1. First of all go to
  2. Then SIGN UP
  3. After that click Create Bitlink at the top right
  4. Paste the long URL (the WhatsApp order format code that we made above)
  5. Click CREATE
  6. In the CUSTOMIZE column, please delete and replace it with the name we like (we can fill it with the wa number)
  7. Click SAVE and done

How to make a Whatsapp Click To Action (CTA) link without saving a phone number

easy way to make whatsapp link

In order to make people click on a link and automatically open chat on WhatsApp without having to save a phone number, you can do this with 2 methods that we recommend.

Namely by writing the script url “ number” or ““Every time I will share on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp status.

For more details, we will provide complete steps below.

1. How to create a link

how to make a link

To create a direct link to your own mobile number, enter every time you share a Facebook post.

However, you need to know that here is a complete telephone number in international format.

And on a telephone number in international format there will always be zeros, brackets, or hyphens, lose all that.

For example, if we have a telephone number +62-856-122-3333, we need to type:

Use :

Don’t use :

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How to Add Automatic Text in WA Chat

However, if you want an automatic text format in WhatsApp after someone else clicks on the link, you just need to write ““.

Where the url coded text is some sample scripts that you saw at the beginning of our previous discussion.

If we want to add text according to the order format for ordering goods in chat wa such as name, address, order of goods and also the amount, the script url will be like this.

Example of url script with automatic addition of text in whatsapp chat: Item%3A%0ATotal%3A%0A

2. Create a wa link via the whatsapp com api

Basically, so that other people only need to do 1 click and automatically chat directly to your whatsapp number, we need to write down the whatsapp auto order link pattern as follows:

Not much different from when we enter the cellphone number using the link, don’t forget to change the number “0” on our cellphone number to “62” because it must be adjusted to the code of the country we are located.

Here the mobile number that we are using is +62-856-122-3333, so the script url we need to write:

Then to add automatic text, it’s also no different when we use the link, use the script url that we wrote above.

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The Last Step, How to Share Whatsapp Link on Facebook

For more details, if we want to create a link on Facebook so we can chat directly enter whatsapp on an android phone as shown below, the steps we need to do are:

how to make whatsapp link on facebook

  1. The first step we just need to open the Facebook application on an Android phone
  2. After that make a post, either on the chronology, facebook group or facebook page
  3. Then in the post, write down the wa link that you just created
  4. Then post the fb post and make sure the wa link is active


Actually the auto chat wa link can not only be used on Facebook social media, but also on social media or other chat applications.

So after seeing the tutorial for creating a whatsapp link above, what do you think? Are you still waiting to try it?

That’s our meeting this time, which discusses how to make a cool WhatsApp auto-order link so that it can automatically go to live chat.

If there are difficulties, please write in the comments column or send questions via email to us, thank you so much. is a website that provides useful information, please share if there is interesting information that can help you. Thank you